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3 Branches of Military Contract Jobs For Civilians

US military contract jobs can offer great pay for your services without the need to enlist. Here are three fields worth considering.

Want to be able to do your all for the United States Military, but you don’t want to have to enlist?  No problem at all, with military contract jobs for civilians.  There are a ton of opportunities where you can get out there and build something, or provide a service for the military, and most of them offer fantastic pay.  Plus with government contracts, you have guaranteed work, that’s going to pay great, and provide you with an avenue to get more and more contracts so that you can keep working with the government for longer as well.

But of course, you do want to choose the right type of career, based upon where you want to work in the field.  There are three basic branches of military contract jobs that are going to be available to the general public.  You can typically work in defense, construction, or the health and medical care field.  Which type you choose  really depends upon your interests.  But here’s a good description of what all three have to offer you, and how you can qualify for this type of profession:

1) Defense jobs.

This is basically manufacturing everything that the country would need for defense, and that usually means weaponry in some form or another.  Whether you’re talking about working on planes, or anything else of the like, this is exactly what you’re going to be doing.  That means if you’re a mechanic, or a rocket scientist, you can always find work here, tooling with some weapon or building some type of device.  Plus these are jobs that will always be around, because the military is always going to need to have ways that they can defend and manufacture items to defend the country.

Plus, you can even get indirect military contract jobs with this type of ac career path, because as the demand for products and items produced by one company increase, they sub contract to other providers to mass produce in higher quantities.  That leaves more and more opportunities for jobs, as well as growth within the corporations themselves.

2) Military construction.

Where the military needs to go to take over new territory, and to build more and more bases, is where you need to go to supply them with the know how to get the job done.  That means actually building forts, as well as bunkers, bases, and everything else that’s needed.  In fact, there are also plenty of jobs that involve simply building houses and other things of the like as well, so that the military can get better situated in any given area.  There’s always a high demand for workers, as the military is always expanding and changing as well.

The reason that common military contract jobs do involve construction, is just because they don’t have the time or money to train construction workers out of pocket.  The military focuses on a smaller set of jobs that are specific to the task at hand.  That’s why military civilian jobs like these pop up, and can be so common from time to time.

3) Medical careers in the military.

Sure the military has plenty of doctors, surgeons and dentists in their own ranks that they can take anywhere in the world as needed.  But you’re also going to find that there is plenty of need for workers to remain stateside, in military funded hospitals.  Not everyone realizes that there are a ton of soldiers that need care when they are not in the field, which is why the military contracts all sorts of health jobs to doctors and nurses that have experience in the field.

At any level, even at the administrative level, there are military contracts for careers like this,  so that you can help out an any level.  Plus you will find that there are hospitals located all over the country, but typically you have to be within some close distance to an actual military base.  But there are positions for literally anyone, whether you’re higher up the ladder as a doctor with a specific specialty, or even if you’re a nurse or just a medical assistant.   So long as you have the expertise they can use, you can find great military civilian jobs and careers that can have you serving our country without having to enlist.

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