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4 Different Types of Entry Level Oil Field Jobs

Entry level oil field jobs are a great way into a very challenging but lucrative career path. Here are four types for anyone interested to consider.

Working oil field jobs is some of the hardest employment you’ll find anywhere.  In most entry level positions you’re going to be facing really long hours, back breaking work in addition to the great pay that comes alongside.  That means this is really a toss up, as you have to weight the good against the bad and make sure that this is really the type of job that you’re interested in.  There are some pretty distinct advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to the work, and you want to be aware of what the most common jobs have to offer.

While it is extremely hard work, you’re going to find that there are some varied opportunities, so that you can choose the style of hard work that you’re going to be doing.  You’ll find that there are a lot of opportunities out there, and you have to determine which are going to be the best in terms of the jobs that suit you the most.  Here are 4 different types of oil field jobs that you can get at the entry level position, and what you can expect once you land the job:

1) Roustabout jobs.

This is basically a job in which you’re the jack of all trades of all the small duties that need to go on around the oil field and rigs.  That means doing all the cleaning and minor maintenance duties, so that the drilling crew can totally focus on drilling without having to worry about anything else.  What you’re also going to find is that this is typically where everyone starts out, so this is usually your lifeline into a career on an oil rig.  If you want to work in the industry, usually you can expect to start here.

2) Roughneck jobs

This is where you’re literally the backbone of the work crew, and because this is such a hard job it’s one of the entry level positions because the work is backbreaking.  You’ll find that here you’re responsible for breaking down equipment to be moved into the next location, and then reassembling.  This is a job that has to be done quickly, and that’s extremely dangerous.  But you will find that the work is usually high paying, and oil field jobs like these ensure plenty of chance for advancement down the line.

3) Pipefitting and oil pipeline jobs.

Of course, with oil you can’t very well get it from one place to the next without having pipes, and that’s why these are such vital entry level oil field jobs.  Pipefitting you literally go throughout the area and set  up the pipes, as well as dig trenches and find ways to have them established.  Then with pipeline actual work, your job is to prevent the pipes from busting or corroding, so it’s important that you paint them with anticorrosive paint, as well as watch for weaknesses that could cause a major issue down the line with those pipes.

4) Seismic oil field jobs.

If you have the higher education that’s a necessity for these types of positions, you’ll find that there are a ton of jobs where you can actually work with the geological aspects of oil fields as well.  These are the jobs in which you actually have to look into where you’re digging and there conditions that you will find there, so that you can determine the best spots as well as when to watch out for different seismic conditions.  There’s a lot that can go wrong on a dig, and you need to know about potentially bad conditions before they become a problem.  With oil field jobs that involve seismic activity, you can predict the worse before it becomes a reality.

Of course, these types of jobs also require a bit of a higher education than other positions within the field.  That means you will actually have to go to school for at least a 4 year bachelor’s degree in geology, so that you can learn how to read seismic activity.  You’re talking about a fine science, so it takes some skill to do.  But they can also be some of the less back breaking, as well as higher paying oil field jobs because of that knowledge and expertise that you need to have.

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