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4 Different Types of Public Service Jobs That Allow You to Give Back to Your Community

Public service jobs let you help others around you to improve the quality of their lives. Here are four such career choices that fit the bill.

Civil service careers are honorable trades that enable you to serve the local government, and even the federal government in all sorts of different ways.  Plus there are several benefits that they provide far beyond just the satisfaction that you can get knowing that you’re giving your all to the community.  In fact, you’re going to find that these can be some of the most rewarding careers, just because you know that the city and even the country cannot run without you, providing vital public service jobs.

Of course, there are also the great benefits, and in most cases you can expect better pay than you would find in many jobs that are similar to the ones that you will be working.  What you’re also going to find is that in most cases you also get great benefits.  The government tends to take care of their workers well, and that means you can count on a great insurance package, as well as fantastic benefits for when you retire as well, as an ideal reward for all the service that you’ve put in throughout your life.

Here are 4 different areas of city public service jobs that anybody can apply for:

1) Military service.

This is one of the most common that many people enlist and apply for.  This is where you actually enlist with a military organization and essentially donate at least 2 years of your life to serving your country.  You’re compensated for the time, and can even earn money towards college, or will be able to use the skills that you develop towards all sorts of different types of industries later on in life.   Military careers include anything to do with the Marines, Army, National Guard, Air Force and the Navy.

2) Public office jobs.

Everybody working inside any sort of government office are all performing public service jobs.  These are great government jobs that provide a lot of opportunity, and that have all the benefits that other types of civil service work provider.  Some of the offices every city needs will include:

– Post Office

Postal workers are always in high demand, and they are great paying government jobs that provide you with good benefits as well as full retirement if you’ve met the requirements for how long you’ve worked throughout your entire career.

– Department of Motor Vehicles

Everybody has been to the DMV at one point or another, and everyone working there filing your paperwork for licensure and the like, are all government employees.

– Department of Human Resources

Just about every city has one, and these are the people that can provide you with all information regarding government insurance, and anything else of the like.

3) Law enforcement

Just about anybody throughout the law enforcement field are considered to be performing public service jobs.  They also are great paying jobs in most cases that provide you with fantastic benefits upon retirement. However, law enforcement is just like the military in that they are not the right careers for everyone.  You’re going to find that they are not always the right path to pursue simply because they require specialized training, are very physically demanding, and have that high level of risk.

But job opportunities include everything from police officers, sheriffs, state troopers, highway patrolmen, FBI agents, and other similar types of law enforcement.  The qualifications for your candidacy in any such department can vary from position to position, but you will find that public service jobs like these are also some of the most rewarding.

4) Public transportation

While they may not seem that important on paper at times, public transportation is what makes the world go round.  Without train and bus operators, many people would be left totally without a way to get from point A to point B, especially in the major cities.  That’s why these are also well paying positions that provide you with great benefits as well.  Plus they are also public service jobs that don’t require too high a level of expertise within the field, beyond just needed to know how to drive your vehicle of choice.  That does require special licensure, but usually that can be completed within a few months, and you can move onto the civil service career from there.

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