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4 Tips To Guide You On The Path To Private Chef Jobs

Private chef jobs are amongst the most sought out culinary positions by chefs due to the many draws they offer. If you'd like to become one, these four tips will be of great help.

Controlling your own destiny is not an opportunity that you have at many jobs, and typically you’re just a casualty of the system that’s forced to go where your boss tells you.  But with some careers, you’ll find that you actually control how much or how little you work based on your own desire and drive.  Finding private chef jobs provides just that sort of opportunity, and you’ll be amazed at all the benefits that come alongside.  What you’re going to find with jobs like these, is that they put you in control of your career, and the food you cook, so that you can have a lot of fun developing your art.

Cooking is something that you have to be passionate about, because it affords you the opportunity to really express yourself through food.  In many ways, it is an art just like painting or making music, only you eat the end product that you produce here.  Attaining private chef jobs affords you the chance to take control of your cooking in the same way that you would be able with your own restaurant, but without the same level of financial commitment.  But that’s not to say it’s not a hard path, and here are 4 things you’ll need to be aware of to ensure you’re able to bet the best chef you can be:

1) Get a real education.

Getting a job in a kitchen just is not enough if you want to actually rise to the rank of chef someday.  But rather, you need to do an actual study into the practice of cooking, like only the classroom can provide.  That’s why it’s important to enroll in a cooking school of some sort, to ensure that you can learn all the skills that you really need to get the job done.  There are plenty of schools dedicated to this, and they really set you up to for success by teaching you everything that you’ll ever need to know.  Plus you can usually get done with classes within a few years, so that you can get right back out into the field.  A site like can provide you with a school in your area.

2) Get practiced in your trade.

The best thing that you can do from here, is actually begin learning what it’s like to actually work in a kitchen, so before you branch out on your own, start working under a head chef.  With these types of apprenticeships, typically in the Sous Chef level, you can ensure that you’re able to get an education into what’s expected of food that is being sold to a customer.  This is a whole different world, as you want your meals to look attractive, but you also have to develop the skill to cook perfectly every time.

3) Choose the sort of chef work you’re most interested in finding.

Once you’re well versed and educated in the different forms of cooking that you’re going to need with private chef jobs, you want to focus on the sort of cooking you want to pursue.  There are a few different branches of chef careers such as these, and you want to choose the path that best suits you.  That means deciding upon either being a personal chef, or a catering chef.  A caterer is more responsible for providing food at parties, or larger events like business meetings as well.  But a personal chef literally cooks for a few people at a time in a private setting like the home.

4) Register nationally to make your services more available.

Another thing that you can do is register as a private chef with the American Personal & Private Chef network.  This way, you can find out from other pros just how to make the career work, and what information you need in order to ensure that you’re able to succeed.  What’s more, you also make yourself more available for both private and personal chef jobs.  You’ll find that a private chef salary expectation can rise and fall with how well you network yourself.  If you want to be in the upper earnings echelon, you have to get information you need to succeed from the other pros in your field.

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