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4 Top Telecommuting Careers In Technology

One of the best things about careers in technology is the fact that many jobs can be performed from anywhere, including your home. Here are four types that may offer such a perk.

Working from home is a privilege that not many people are able to take advantage of.  But it’s also something that can be extremely rewarding when given the opportunity.  Plus, contrary to popular belief, you’ll also find that you’re able to earn quite the high dollar salary working form home as well.  There are all sorts of opportunities out there, and it’s really just a matter of choosing the ones that you’re the most poised to be able to apply for.

One thing that you have to understand with careers information technology offers, is that they do take a level of expertise in most cases.  That means you’ll have to be able to back up your skills with an education, and perhaps even a certification if you want to be available for the best work opportunities.  But so long as you are willing to put in the effort, and the work, you can ensure that the best telecommuting opportunities can be yours, so that you can enjoy your day more than you would have been able to do before.  Here are 4 fantastic opportunities offered through careers in technology, that you can land right from home:

1) Computer Programming

This is something that can really be done from just about anywhere, and there are all sorts of instances where independent contractors are hired to help out a company with their network or web needs.  So long as you’re web savvy enough, there are a ton of jobs out there that deal with basic computer programming, so that you can develop new systems and help out a company work on their computer issues.  These jobs usually only require a secure connection, and some sort of monitoring software so that they can be sure about how much time was worked, and that you were working on programming for them the entire time.

2) Graphic Design.

This is another profession that’s sort of along the lines of computer programming, but that’s more about the artistic side of things.  This is where you actually design web pages and advertisements, to be as eye catching and attractive as possible.   With a career like this, you’re really able to express yourself that much more, and it is one of those careers in technology that you can work yourself as an independent home contractor.  There are always needy businesses that could use some help with some aspect of their graphic design, and so long as you have the education to back it up, this can turn into a fantastic career.

3) Computer Support.

This is one of those careers that technology has made essential, but also more accessible.  As more companies adapt to newer and newer technology, the need to have constant computer support for that technology is ever present.  That means you’re also going to find that these careers are always available, and they are ones that you can monitor at home right from your computer, as you provide support to those in need.  Plus there is not that much actual education involved, and most everything is on the job training that you can get when you apply.

4) Computer Data Entry

This is another one of those careers computers provide that ensure you’re able to work without that much training, but still be paid well for your efforts.  This is really the task of taking information from one source, and then completing it in another, to form more comprehensive and easier to access records that a company can use for it’s daily needs.  This is often something that has to be done when converting old records into the new, so that the company can better keep track of the information, and have easier access down the line.

Of course, finding the right types of sites where you can apply to great telecommuting careers in technology is also important.  This way, you can pick out the legitimate opportunities from those that aren’t much more easily.  Sites like and provide you the perfect opportunity to practice your trade, and make a name for yourself so that you can build a really rewarding career that’s going to see you earning as much as you could want.


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