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4 Types of Overseas Teaching Jobs to Consider

With overseas teaching jobs, you can see the world and teach the English language to students in other countries. Here are four varieties of the position and what they entail.

Teaching is a career that many people consider and becoming qualified can open a number of doors in terms of the opportunities available. One of these is overseas teaching jobs and moving to another country to teach can provide a number of benefits. There are a number of options for those looking to teach in a foreign country and there are a few types of post to consider.

Teaching English language abroad

The most common option for overseas teaching jobs is to be an English teacher in a foreign country. There are a variety of resources available for those looking to teach English overseas and it is generally one of the simplest ways to find an overseas teaching post. Footprints Recruiting, for example, is a recruitment agency that specializes in helping English teachers find jobs abroad and they typically have a range of options available for those looking for their first overseas posting, as well as those with more experience. Another resource is Transitions Abroad and they have a variety of information which can be useful to English teachers looking to work in a foreign country as well as job listings for potential posts. Teaching English overseas can vary from working with native children to improve their English, to finding a post in public and private schools, colleges and other educational facilities to teach the English Language to both children and adults. Posts can be part-time and full-time and typically a degree education is required. While a background of being trained in teaching is obviously an asset, a degree education in any discipline can be suitable for many posts.

International Schools

An option for those with a background in teaching is to find overseas teaching jobs in an international school. These are schools in foreign countries that typically cater to both local children and also children of foreign nationals such as businessmen and diplomats working in the country. Many international schools will have a USA style curriculum and will provide children with an education similar to that which would be received in America. One of the best resources for finding a teaching job abroad in an international school is the International Schools Services. It is possible for teachers to register with them for assistance in finding an overseas post and options for a variety of candidates are typically available depending on the needs of a school or college.

Department of Defense Military Base

The Department of Defense has a number of military bases overseas and both military and civilian personnel, along with their children, can be posted to these. They therefore have a requirement for educational facilities for the children and there are a number of these in countries around the world. The Department of Defense Education Activity(DoDEA) is responsible for the military base educational facilities and they recruit teachers to work in these typically on 1 and 2 year postings. Their website has details of the positions available and it is possible to register online with DoDEA to be considered for the posts available. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification and this typically should be related to the subject that a candidate is looking to teach. DoDEA has schools in a number of foreign countries and for those looking to work abroad it can be a way to find overseas teaching jobs.

Teacher Exchange

The US State Department has a program known as the Fulbright Classroom Teacher Exchange Program, which offers primary and secondary teachers the opportunity to exchange places with teachers in other countries. This can be done for a semester or for a full year and enables a teacher with a full-time job in the US to work in an overseas school for a period of time. This can be a useful way for someone to get a feel for whether working abroad is for them without have to quit a position in the US, and can be a good option for those who are considering looking for overseas teaching jobs. There are also a few other options for working in a foreign country through a teacher exchange program and some details of these can be found at the US Department of Education website.

People can make the decision to move abroad for a number of reasons and for teachers that do this there are a variety of overseas teaching jobs available. The information above provides some of the options for teachers looking to work in a foreign country and these are some of the common job opportunities available. For teachers considering making the move abroad further information can be found at the US Department of State website.

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