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5 Career Options Presented By Audio Visual Jobs

What kinds of work can those looking for audio visual jobs find? Here are five popular branches within this field.

Choosing your career is always a matter of picking a field, but then you have to pick something within that field as well as usually there are many different branches involving any particular path.  With something like audio visual jobs, you’re going to find that this is always the case, as there are so many different types of careers that chiefly involve AV tech.  That’s just why you have to narrow down your options, and choose something that’s really going to enable you to pursue challenges that you find interesting, and that provide enough of a challenge to make sense in the long run.

There are a few branches of audio visual jobs, and what’s required of them as well as what you may have to do to prepare is different each time.  You’ll also find that they can be pretty vastly different from one another, so it’s important that you determine which seems the most intriguing to you.  Here are a few of the different audio visual employment opportunities that are out there, and what you can expect from them when you are looking for your next job.

1) Audio video installation.

This is a job where you literally set up different types of sound and picture devices inside people’s homes.  Basically you could design home theater’s for a living, and help people capture their optimum audio and visual experience, so that they can watch movies from home the way that they are meant to be seen.  This requires a good knowledge of technology that’s out there, so that you can provide expert feedback. But you’re also going to have to know a lot about the systems, so that you can point them in the direction of those that are the most ideal for their home.

2) Audio visual technician jobs.

If you’re after something where you actually craft and build systems from the ground up, this is the right type of career path for you.  This is where you literally manipulate and change the technology for the better.  That means developing new and more evolved technology for the purposes of changing how people view and watch movies on a television, or for how people listen to music.  Though this does require a lot of education in order to master, it’s the perfect position for someone who’s really interested in the technical aspects of the field.

3) AV production careers.

Exploring different types of audio video production jobs can be another way that you can really look into what the industry has on offer.  That’s because there are so many different types out there, and you’re going to find that they provide you with a world of opportunity.  This is literally the process of engineering sound and picture for things like films, television shows, and especially live broadcasts.  That means it requires a degree in communications, and a ton of experience working at the lower end of the job market, before you can work your way up to managing and directing projects.

4) Different types of sales and marketing.

With AV products, you have to be sure the consumer knows about them, and why they are the most ideal choice for them to buy, and that’s where sales and marketing come in.  With these types of audio visual jobs, you’ll find that it’s your job to get in touch with the customer, so that they know the brand and want to buy your products before they even get to the store.  That takes a degree in marketing, and usually a lot of experience working for different firms.

5) Audio visual retail jobs.

But of course, all the marketing in the world really isn’t going to help if you’re not actually able to put your items in a store where people can buy them.  It’s so vital to have retail outlets to sell the products, so that you can get them right into the hands of hungry consumers. Plus if you love the world of AV technology this is a great opportunity to stay in touch and see all the latest products in action, without having to buy them.  What’s more, most of these audio visual jobs also offer commission, so if you’re a great salesperson, they can turn into extremely lucrative ventures.


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