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5 Keys To Succeeding In Interviews For Sales and Marketing Jobs

When it comes to sales and marketing jobs, your interview is seen as a direct indicator of your selling abilities. By instilling these five principles, you're sure to do well at yours.

Interviews are hard, and that’s a fact for any good job that you come up against.  What you’re going to find is that the interviewing process is extremely difficult for top tier jobs, because you really have to sell yourself to show that you’re a perfect candidate to join the team.  These aren’t the kind of things you’re just able to walk through like lower end jobs feature, and that’s true of most sales and marketing jobs.  This is a general assessment of what you have to offer, and meeting in person is always the best way for someone to get a feel for what you’re going to be able to provide.

That’s why you need to come prepared, because when you don’t it’s really going to show, and that’s not something you want when you’re trying to get  new job.  If you want to be able to succeed, you have to make it happen by being the best possible candidate for that position.  When it comes to sales and marketing jobs and interviews, it’s all about showing that you can sell, and that you have the background necessary to make things happen.  Here are 5 of the keys to making sure your interview comes off perfectly:

1) Get the basics down.

This means ensuring that you really look the part of a professional, so that you can make it really count when you’re in the interview itself.  That means you want to actually show that you want the job by wearing a tie, and even a suit in most cases.  But you also want to be well groomed, and friendly as well as outgoing.  Those are all really positive traits, and you want to exhibit all of them when it comes time for you to go after the position.

2) Make sure you have a portfolio of past work.

With most sales and marketing jobs you’re going to be asked to showcase what you’ve done in the past, so you want to have a portfolio that you can present.  This means having a collection of ad campaigns that you’ve designed or worked on, just to show what you were able to accomplish as well as how successful they actually were.  Of course, if you want to take things to the next level to show just how relevant you will be to the work force, try presenting your portfolio in a unique way as well. Instead of just having a file folder that they can look through, make a slide show on your iPad or tablet PC and show it off in a more visually interesting way.

3) Be prepared to show your selling chops by selling yourself.

A good measuring marker for sales jobs is just how well you can sell yourself because it will tell them a lot about how you’re going to be able to sell products.  If you can’t make the interviewer believe that you’re the right choice for the job, you’re really not going to put much confidence in them assigning you to perform work while they pay you.  That means you have to be prepared to make every moment count, and present yourself as the next employee of this company.

4) Have all of your references in order.

This is something that everybody wants to see, as an employee without references is not one that you really want to consider for employment.  In the interview process, they typically want to see a sheet where you can provide as many references as possible, and it’s also important you present them in a way that’s easy for you to read and determine where you’ve actually worked and who you can call for a work history.

5) Always do your research on the company yourself.

Make sure that as a part of you selling the position, you do your research on the sales marketing companies that you’re applying.  If your pitch and interview aren’t customized to the work environment, you’re not going to shine as brightly as you could, so it’s so, so vital that you come prepared. That way, you can make the most of your time, and ensure that you can present yourself as the next hire that this company is going to be taking on, with total confidence.

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