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5 Reasons to Consider Interior Design Jobs

There's a lot to like about interior design jobs. Here are our five favorite reasons they make a great career choice.

There are a range of career openings for those that are more creatively minded and interior design jobs are one of these. This typically involves planning the look and style of the interior of new properties or remodeling existing buildings. Most people want the d├ęcor, furnishing and fixtures in their property to be stylish and attractive, and many will seek professional assistance to achieve this. There are, therefore, many opportunities for interior designers and there are a variety of reasons to consider the industry.

Interesting Work

The work involved in interior design jobs can be interesting, and these days there are a number of different facets to it. The main focus of interior design jobs is the decoration of a buildings interior, including aspects such as the color scheme, flooring, window coverings, furnishings and other features. However, these days, interior designers are trained in a range of disciplines and can have an input into the architecture of a building including window placement, location of stairways and the design of other features. Health and safety can also be a feature of the job and this typically involves ensuring the layout is conducive to the welfare of the occupants. The various aspects of the job can therefore make it interesting work to become involved with.

Job Outlook

The United States Department of Labor has indicated that the need for interior designers is expected to grow faster than the average expected for many other professions. This means there should be a greater need for interior design services in years to come. While competition for jobs will be keenly contested, there should be plenty of job opportunities available and for this reason it can be a good industry to enter. While jobs may have been orientated to larger buildings in the past, more and more homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits that an interior designer can provide and overall, this should see an increasing demand for interior designers in years to come. The job outlook is therefore good and for those entering the professions the prospects should be excellent.


There are a number of interior design companies operating, and working for one of these can be a way into the industry. However, for those who have the experience and build decent contacts, the opportunity to branch out and set up their own business is a realistic prospect. Being their own boss is something that many people aspire to, and interior design jobs provide a decent opportunity to do this. For experienced interior designers there is also the possibility of branching into teaching. Interior designers must generally complete a period of tertiary education in college to gain the requisite qualifications to enter the profession. Experienced interior designers are therefore needed to teach those looking to enter the profession. Teaching while still providing some consulting services is common in the industry.

Job Variety and Satisfaction

Interior design jobs can be carried out on a variety of buildings and this can range from residential homes to commercial offices, retail stores, hotels, airport terminals and restaurants. While some interior designers may concentrate on either residential or commercial jobs, many provide design input to both. This means they can work on interior design jobs for a wide range of building styles and this provides a wide variety of work opportunities. Assisting people in creating a comfortable, practical and attractive living or working space can also be extremely rewarding, and job satisfaction can be a reason that many creative people become involved with interior design jobs.


While the work can be rewarding for interior designers, the salary can also be a reason to become involved in the profession. The United States Department of Labor shows the median salary of interior designers to lie somewhere between around $35,000 and $62,000. State University shows a median salary of around $40,000, and the rewards are there for those that take the profession seriously and work hard to progress a career.

There are various interior design jobs available and there are a number of reasons to become involved in the profession. The five shown above are some of the reasons to consider for those thinking about entering the interior design industry, and for people with a creative mind and artistic talents it can provide a rewarding, lucrative and fulfilling career.

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