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5 Tips On Performing The Best Local Job Search In Your Area

A local job search makes it easy to browse full-time and part-time openings near your city or town. Here's how to maximize your odds of success.

Conducting a job search is something that can be just so, so frustrating to so many people across the nation.  That’s because most people just don’t know the right tactics to get their foot in the door, and find the opportunities to do so at the same time.  But there are plenty of resources available to anyone, so that you can find all the jobs listed where you live, and within driving distance, guaranteed.  It’s just a matter of hunting down those types of careers and opportunities that are going to make all the difference for you, and knowing how you can go about doing so.

Without the knowledge needed to conduct a successful job search, you can’t expect to be very successful in your efforts.  That’s why it’s important that you approach this the way that you would anything else in life that is worth really doing well.  Just as the saying goes, it takes money to make money.  With a job search, it takes working really hard, before you’re finally paid to be working towards a goal.  So you have to be prepared for the fight in the short term, or even the long haul, and here are the tips that can guide you to gainful employment:

1) Iron out your resume.

The biggest mistake that so many local applicants make, is just not having as iron clad a resume as they could have.  That’s why you have to ensure that you don’t make some of the most common resume mistakes.  One of them being, do not write a book.  The last thing anyone wants to see on their desk is a resume that’s more than two pages, when one of the pages is not a cover letter.  That’s because it’s just too much information for a document that’s supposed to be a brief representation of why you’re right for the job.

Keep it to pertinent information, and you don’t need to overload the information.  What’s more, don’t just make a general form resume that you submit to every job, because those are easy to spot.  Fine tune it to fit the position at hand, so that you can be sure it looks the best, and really sells you for the position.  With the right type of resume such as this, you can be sure that you’re always noticed at the top of a pile of applicants.

2) Be careful about your reputation when leaving old jobs.

When you’re looking for work in a local community, especially one where you’ve been for some time, make sure the buzz on the street about you is all positive.  It’s easy to find out about employees that weren’t exactly the boss’ favorite to work with once they’ve left, and you don’t want that to be you.  So always practice good work ethics, and never take things out on your boss.

This is especially true in an online context.  Now with the days of Twitter and Facebook upon us, many people make the mistake of trashing their employers on social networking sites.  The unfortunate thing being, all of this information is usually pretty easy to see with just a quick Google search.  That’s why you have to protect your online presence, and Google yourself to make sure a potential employer isn’t going to see anything negative about you.

3) Register for your profession with your local Department of Labor.

Looking for a job is something everyone needs to do at times, and one of the smartest moves you can make is registering at the local Department of Labor.  That’s because this is a great place to sniff out new work in your career path.  But what’s more, it’s also the ideal opportunity for you to submit your resume for local filing, so that you can be found if an employer searches for anyone with that skill set.  This way, you can ensure that jobs can work to find you, as you’re looking for work as well.

4) Look for opportunities online.

A massive mistake that many people make, is sticking to the newspaper classifieds when looking for work.  This is really easily resolved by going online, where you can find all sorts of opportunities that are overlooked or that don’t make it to print because they are filled too quickly.  It’s just a matter of knowing where to go so that you can search for careers in your area.  Sites like:,, and even are some of the best.  There you can perform all sorts of specific job searches to be sure that you’re always able to land the right type of job.

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