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5 Top Business Degree Jobs To Apply For

Getting your business degree requires hard work (not to mention some money), but it gives you the opportunity to travel down many great career paths. Here are a few.

Getting a degree in business is typically a great career path, because it opens up a ton of different doors, and business is always going to be around so it’s bound to be a career with some stability.  But what you’re also going to find is that there is plenty of choice when it comes to the sorts of business degree jobs you want to work.  When you’re looking for real career opportunities, you’re going to find that there are quite a few options that will open up, and allow you to choose the sort of career you want to forge.

In looking for the most ideal business degree jobs, you’re going to find that you always have some options, and there are quite a few branches that dictate what sort of a job you’ll actually have. You want to pick one particular career tree, so that you can be sure you have a more targeted and finalized career path, so you have a resolute plan for your future.  By formulating the right type of path amongst the 5 most common business degree paths out there, you can be sure that you’re set up for success.  It’s just a matter of choosing the right type of career options:

1) General business degree jobs.

This is the most broad type of career path, and it’s also classified as business management.  This is where you could be responsible for managing any type of company, or aspect of a company as the manager of a branch, outlet or even region.  For this the most important aspects beyond your four year bachelor’s degree, is having the necessary skills for conflict resolution, as well as leadership and “man management” qualities, including a strong customer service understanding.  At this level, you’re going to find that most general business degree salary options are going to start around $45-50,000 a year.

2) Public Relations

Because of the importance of customer understanding as well as the ability to manage and aid the customer that comes with business degree jobs, these are common career paths.  For public relations you’re actually responsible for how a certain company, corporation, or even person interacts with the public.  This means you’re responsible for controlling how the company is seen throughout all sorts of associated media, and ensuring the company always stays in a positive light in the customer’s eyes.   Jobs like these start out at about the same level as general business managers.

3) Financial analysis jobs.

These are more your flavor if you’re interested in the actual financial side of business.  These can include corporate accountants, as well as independent analysts that actual assess how a companies assets are being exploited, to aid them in saving money and fine tuning how the company runs.  This requires a business degree and a finance degree however, so that you can show that you understand both sides of the coin in and out.  But for your troubles, the rewards are also greater, as many analyst business degree jobs can start out higher than most at around $60,000.

4) Production management.

These types of business degree jobs are specifically targeted towards individuals that actually want to manage how to sell, or develop products and services for customers.  This means actually doing and performing in market research, so that you can see how customers interact with products, and how they can be better developed during the course of production.  While this is a more high pressure job, because everything including success is determined by sales history here, you’re also going to find that the rewards are fantastic at the same time.  Most business degree salary options here are going to fall between $60,000 and $90,000.

5) Human Resources

If you want a career path that finds your business degree jobs doing a truly invaluable service for any company in which you work, HR is the career for you.  That’s because human resources is a necessity for any company, and is actually always required by law.  That’s because they manage the actual hiring and firing of employees.  But moreover, they also manage things like office policy, as well as any complaints or problems that workers are having feeling uncomfortable or unfairly treated when within the workplace.  Plus business degree salaries for these positions can start at over $60,000 making them a job that truly pays the bills from day one.

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