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5 Top Jobs in the Medical Field that are Always Hiring

Even during economic downturns, there are certain jobs in the medical field that are abundant with opportunities. Here are five of these evergreen jobs.

The healthcare industry is one of the largest employers in the USA, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicating that many of the fastest growing occupations are jobs in the medical field. For those considering their options for a career therefore, healthcare can be an excellent industry to consider and five of the top jobs available with excellent prospects include the following.

Registered Nurses

Nursing is one of the largest employers in the healthcare industry and there is typically always a demand for registered nurses. This is one of the jobs in the medical field that is constantly hiring, with the majority of the work being carried out in hospitals and clinics. A registered nurse is concerned with patient care and treatment and will undertake tasks such as recording symptoms, keeping a patient’s medical history up to date, assisting in preparing and performing tests on patients and helping in the after-care and recovery of patients. To enter the profession an individual must complete an approved nursing course and there are a few alternatives for doing this. A national licensing exam must also be passed to practice as a registered nurse with the state nursing board typically having details of the requirements for this.

Medical assistants

A medical assistant is the administrative member of staff around which a healthcare professional’s office runs. They can be employed by a variety of medical practitioners and the tasks they undertake can vary based on where they are employed. However, they are basically required to keep a medical office running smoothly and make it easier for the doctor or physician to carry out their work. Common tasks can include, amongst others, scheduling appointments, keeping patient’s paperwork and files in order and easily accessible, dealing with medical insurance, arranging for laboratory work and handling the billing requirements of patients. There are no formal training requirements for the work and many learn on the job. However, some education programs are available, which are typically 1 to 2 years in length, and they can increase the chances of finding a job in the industry.

Physician Assistant

A physician assistant practices medicine under the supervision of senior doctors and surgeons, and is one of the jobs in the medical field that is considered to have excellent prospects. They are typically employed as part of a healthcare team, working directly with patients to diagnose and treat illness, injury and disease. While in many cases they may work under constant supervision, in many practices the senior doctor may only be there part time, leaving the physician assistant as the main doctor for part of the time. To qualify as a physician’s assistant, an individual must obtain a college degree followed by training at an accredited college, with courses typically lasting 2 to 4 years. A license is also required to practice and this requires passing the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam.

Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers typically specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of bone and muscle injuries and will also provide advice and education on how to avoid these types of injuries. While the name implies they work with athletes, they can in fact work with anyone that suffers from these types of injuries and can be employed in fitness centers, high schools, colleges, clinics and hospitals. Typically to enter the industry a bachelor’s degree achieved at an accredited college is the minimum requirement, although many working in the field go on to gain masters and doctoral degrees. Many states regulate athletic trainer jobs and passing the Board of Certification exam is generally a requirement for this.


Disease and illness prevention by eating a healthy diet is something that is more widely understood these days and this is promoted by dietitians. This is one of the growing jobs in the medical field and more people are turning to dietitians these days in an effort to understand healthy eating. Dietitians can work directly with patients to educate them in food and nutrition which provides them with a healthier diet, or can work in locations such as schools and hospitals, overseeing the planning and preparation of food. To work as a dietitian, a bachelor’s degree in one of a number of subjects is typically required and this can include food & nutrition, food management or dietetics. Many states regulate those working in the industry and certification or licensing is generally a requirement to practice.

With so many opportunities in the healthcare profession, it can be a good industry to look to for those considering their career options. Some of the jobs in the medical field which are considered to have the best prospects looking forward are those shown above and for individuals thinking of a medical career these are a few of the top options to consider.


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