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5 Types of Business Management Careers to Consider

Business management careers offer many opportunities to those with a degree. Here are five high upside fields that one can consider.

Studying to gain a degree in business management can open a number of opportunities for those that successfully complete this. There are a wide variety of options available for business management careers and individuals with the requisite skills and training can become involved in almost any industry. Some of the popular options for those looking to pursue a management career include the following.

Human Resources Manager

Business management careers in human resources can put an individual at the forefront of the strategic planning of a company. These days they will typically work with the top executives in a business in developing strategies and polices for the direction of the company. Human resources managers also have the responsibility for the personnel side of a business and will manage the recruitment, interviewing requirements and hiring of staff in line with the policies they have helped to develop. They will also manage staff compensation and benefit policies, training, and labor relations, and will work with staff on a day-to-day basis to deal with questions they may have. In smaller companies a human resources generalist can be responsible for all these aspects, although in larger companies an overall manager may be responsible for a number of departments each specializing in a particular area of human resources, with each department having its own manager.

Retail Store Manager

Retail store managers are responsible for the activities required to ensure a store runs efficiently and profitably. They typically oversee all the operations and this can include the purchasing of merchandise, promotional and marketing activities, hiring of staff, setting work schedules and setting pricing policies to maintain and increase profitability. While in smaller stores a single manager may have responsibility for all activities, in larger retailers a senior manager will more likely have a number of department managers working under him that are responsible for the day-to-day operations.

Financial Managers

Financial managers have a role in every business and organization, and are responsible for a variety of tasks. They will typically oversee staff carrying out cash management and direct investment activities for a company. They also have responsibility for the preparation of financial reports that are required for companies and organizations. While in smaller firms a financial manager may be responsible for all aspects of the finances, in larger companies the duties can be broken down into a few different roles. This can include controllers who are responsible for the preparation of reports, and treasurers who direct the budget of a company. Other financial management roles include credit managers who oversee an organizations credit issues, and risk & insurance managers who are responsible for programs designed to minimize the risk of financial losses as a result of business operations.

Computer and IT Managers

Computers play a huge role in business these days, with most companies having at least some reliance on them and business management careers in this field are becoming increasingly important. A computer and IT manager will direct the activities of the staff responsible for implementing and maintaining the computer network of a company. They have the responsibility for planning and coordinating the strategic and operational requirements of an IT network and this can include both the hardware and software that best serves the needs of an organization. They will also be involved in the review and evaluation of up-to-date technology to determine if this fits the requirements of a company and will plan implementation and roll-out programs for hardware and software that is bought by the company.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers will typically carry out a variety of tasks for a company in promoting the products or services that they have to offer. This can include the responsibility for a marketing team made up of research and development staff that looks to identify suitable products or services for a company and estimate the demand there will be for these. Marketing managers can also oversee the development of a product from inception to sales and the identification of potential markets for this. Work also typically includes the development of strategies for pricing, with the aim of maximizing the profits that can be made, as well as monitoring the products of their own company and direct competitors in terms of market share.

There are a variety of business management careers open to those that major in this subject, and it provides a foundation to enter a variety of industries. The options shown above are some of those to consider for those looking at pursuing a career in management.

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