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5 Types of Computer Science Jobs for IT Experts

The demand for computer science jobs shows no signs of slowing down, especially for those in the IT field. Here are five types worth exploring.

Many people that are interested in computers and technology will opt to study for a degree in computer science. This field is concerned with the theory of information and computers, and the practical applications of this. For those that successfully complete a degree course, there are a variety of computer science jobs to consider and the following 5 are some of the options available.

Network Architect

Network architects are the IT experts that design and oversee the setting up and testing of computer networks for companies and organizations. This can range from a simple network between two or more offices in a building, to worldwide networks encompassing the many different working locations of a company. The work of a network architect can encompass planning, designing and overseeing the implementation of both computer hardware and software to suit the needs of the end users and they can be employed by a variety of organizations from small to large. Network analysts have to be familiar with the hardware required in setting up an IT network, from computers to routers, hubs and the cabling required for connecting these. They must also have an understanding of the software, such as network drivers, that systems rely on to function properly. With most organizations coming to rely on computers these days, network architects are becoming increasingly in demand to set up the systems required.

Web Developer

The internet is becoming increasingly popular these days, with more and more people getting connected to it. This means that individuals, companies and organizations will look to have a website to help them reach a wider audience. Computer science jobs such as web developers are therefore becoming increasingly in demand to design and set up websites for clients. The work generally involves assisting a client in deciding on the information that should be included on a website, along with how this should be organized and displayed. A web developer will typically use computer language and tools to design web applications to suit the layout of the website. The design needs to ensure that it displays the information correctly and in a user friendly way that can easily be accessed by those visiting the site. They also generally assist a client in developing the look of a website that will best appeal to those that will be looking to use it.

Computer Game Programmer

Many people that have a passion for computers enjoy playing games and one of the computer science jobs that will appeal to them is that of computer game programmer. Computer games are big business these days and there are a number of companies that develop and produce these. Computer game programmers will typically work as part of a team to develop a game. Their input is to plan and code the software that brings the game from the concept stage to the final working design that the end user will see on their computer screen. Programming teams working on developing a computer game can include a number of positions, with engine, graphics, sound and artificial intelligence programmers being some of these. Each programmer will play their own part in the development of the game, although must coordinate with the other programmers to make sure the software they create is compatible. For those with an interest in video games, the role of a computer game programmer can be a good choice to opt for.

Computer Security Specialist

While most organizations want their network systems to be easily accessible to their staff, employees or customers, they also want to ensure they are secure from unauthorized use, hacking and computer viruses. A computer security specialist performs the job of ensuring a network is secure for those that use it. The work involved can include designing and implementing security software, monitoring computer networks to identify and deal with potential breaches of security and educating the users of a network on security issues and safety. Most organizations understand that they must maintain a secure network for the benefits of those that use it and this means the services of computer security specialists are increasingly required.

Database Administrator

Many organizations have the need to store information and these days this is usually done electronically in a database. A database administrator is the IT expert with the responsibility for this. They will typically identify the storage requirements of an organization and implement database software that can store this information in an organized manner that makes it easy for users to access, find and use it. Some database administrators can have involvement in the design of database software. They will also typically be concerned with the security of the system to ensure that information is stored securely in a manner that it can only be accessed by those with authority to do so.

With computers becoming increasingly important in many facets of life, the requirements for IT experts will grow in future years. For those that study to enter the field, there are of variety of computer science jobs available. The 5 shown above are some of the common options and these are positions to consider for those with a computer science degree.

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