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5 Types of Medical and Non-Medical Home Care Jobs

There's a vast world of home care jobs that extend beyond medical related positions. Here's a look into 5 types of work in this field.

Caring for the elderly is the type of career that’s always going to be around, for as long as there are people there will be multiple generations existing at the same time.  This usually also means having an older generation that needs some care during the later stages of their life.  Through home care jobs, you can help them in all sorts of great ways, through a job that’s actually going to pay pretty well in addition to being rewarding overall.  You’re going to find that through the right type of career such as this, you can find plenty of financial gains, as well as overall personal fulfillment.

However, some people tend to get nervous when they think of home care jobs, because they figure it’s going to take a lot of schooling in order for you to succeed. But this is actually not the case, and you’re going to find that just the opposite is true.  It actually doesn’t take that much of an education when you choose non medical roles, and you’ll find that there’s still plenty that you can do while getting an education, so that you can ensure you’re able to join the workforce really as quickly as possible.

There are several types of home care jobs, and here are 5 of the finest that you’ll be able to apply for:

1) Housekeeper.

This is a job that requires no formal medical training, because there’s really nothing medical about it. You’re going to find that this type of career is all about actually providing someone with the care that they need to maintain their home. As you get older simple tasks like cleaning get harder and harder, and you’ll find that it can be a major chore.  That’s why home care jobs that involve cleaning or cooking are always available, and just about everyone is trained to do those already.

2) Registered Nurse.

Of course, if you want to be able to provide medical care to someone at home, then you want to go for a registered nursing job.  These are usually on employ throughout different types of home care agencies, and there are all types of nurses out there.  You have the basic nurse that will help with the more simple types of medical tasks that become necessary.  But then there are also the more involved nurses which specialize in different aspects of medicine so that you can help someone with a very specific need of any type.

3) Personal care assistant.

Unfortunately as you get older literally everything becomes a chore, so it can be invaluable to have someone on call for practically everything that you need.  That means things such as helping with bathing, dressing, even going to the toilet and the like.  These types of jobs can be a bit messy and difficult, but they are necessities so you will find that they are always readily available in older communities.  You’ll also find them to be more general senior care jobs that you don’t have to have a degree for.

4) Home Health Aide

This type of home care jobs are more about actually helping the person medically throughout normal activities.  That means doing things like housework, or other activities.  But they are also responsible for things like cooking as well, and helping to prepare meal plans, even a bit of cleaning.  Usually some medical knowledge is required because of the physical aspect, and also ensuring that you’re cooking food that’s totally safe for them to eat, which you will find is not always the case with some dishes.

5) Companion

This is work where you really just be a friend to a person in need.  These types of home care jobs are where you help them out in the activities that the person wants to carry out.  Whether it be reading, playing games, going to the park, or doing practically anything else as well.  Staying active is a big part of staying fit and healthy, and you’re going to find that they are ideal senior care jobs because of this.  Plus they provide a little bit of warmth and joy into someone’s life and that’s an invaluable service to be providing.


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