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5 Types of Part Time Accounting Jobs With Great Pay

Part time accounting jobs can be a great source of extra income on the side. Here are five options worth strongly considering.

Accounting is a career path that is really difficult to get ahead in, and that takes a ton of work throughout your career to maintain.  But it’s also something that can be extremely rewarding, because accountants and bookkeepers of all different kind are always needed throughout business and industry.  In fact, there are plenty of high paying opportunities that you can take on in a part-time capacity, so that you can still find great working opportunities to fit your schedule. Really, it’s just about figuring out the sorts of jobs you would like to work the most, and here are 5 great opportunities for any accounting career:

1) Accountant

This is the most base types of part time accounting jobs, and are always in high demand.  Through this sort of a job opportunity you’re chiefly tasked with managing a companies financial procedures and records, so that you can be sure they adhere to current accounting principles.  This way, you can be sure that the companies books are clean, and that it will be easy to handle an audit should one arise, in addition to preparing tax information and other legal guidelines.  There are plenty of small businesses, and even individuals that have the need of an accountant, but that also can’t afford to pay one on a full time basis.  This is where you can pick up the job as a part time CPA, so that you can still make quite a bit of money on your terms and schedule.

2) Bookkeeping

This is another form of part time accounting jobs that feature more of an emphasis on actual financial transactions.  That means ironing out all finances, including things like liability, as well as expenditures, equity and even revenue.  Every company and even person needs these items tracked pretty carefully, so that they have a good idea of where they stand financially at all times.  A good bookkeeper is always an asset, and most companies will pay handsomely even for part time bookkeeping jobs.  These can be a great chance to make some money on the side, while you’re putting yourself through more school, or just finding time to raise a family.

3) Auditor

This is where you’re responsible for literally exploring a companies procedures in terms of control, as well as how they handle their finances and records.  This is literally a study of exploring the different types of accounting procedures in play, and being sure that they meet auditing standards that could occur when a company is being investigated for something to do with taxes, or even are under a general audit. 

4) Budget Analyst.

Part time accounting jobs like these dictate that you literally assess a company’s budget, and where money is being spent and used.  This way you’re able to formulate a much more accurate budget as to company needs and planning, so that finances can be better strategically utilized to minimize spending and maximize profitability.   These are part time opportunities that just about every company in the world can offer, because they are invaluable parts of the team.  In fact, they can also be some of the highest paying on a part time basis, as you can still pull down a salary in excess of $30,000 in some cases, if you can find the right type of job.  That’s earning full time money for part time work.

5) Financial Analyst

If you’re looking for the highest paying part time accounting jobs however, you can’t go wrong being a financial analyst.  This is a job that pays into the upper echelons of standard fulltime work, on a part time basis.  That’s because it requires a lot of expertise and expert insight in order to be able to do the job well. This is literally a study of the companies finances, for things like profit margins, losses and even expenditures, so that you can formulate accurate predictions as to how the current trend will impact the company in the future.

These are invaluable accounting assets for any corporation, and if you have the skills necessary to land the job they are some of the highest paying opportunities. While they require some pretty serious educational accolades, including full accounting degrees from accredited universities.  They can also pay  in excess of $50,000 TO $70,000 as well, as a part time career opportunity.

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