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5 Types of Video Editing Jobs Straight Out of College

As we depend more and more on multimedia forms, video editing jobs will become all the more in demand. Here are 5 types of entry level opportunities to consider in the field.

Picking the right types of video editing jobs is important, so that you can focus your career on the type of field that best suits you.  Within editing, there are several career options, and you’re going to find that you can focus on just about any type that you want.  Whether you’re a fan of TV, real life or film, there are a ton of options for doing just about anything.  You just have to narrow down the type of path that seems most rewarding, and that provides the pay or workload that you’re definitely okay with as a byproduct of your choice.

Basically that means figuring out where you want to devote your time, and what’s going to put your editing knowledge to use in the best possible way.  There are quite a few video editing jobs out there, but not all of them are going to be quite as rewarding as you might hope for.  That’s why it’s important to really narrow down which types are the best chance for you to express yourself, or get creative with how the pieces you’re presenting are able to come to light.

1) Video editing jobs in film.

This is perhaps the big show when it comes to editing, and landing the top jobs here is really hard, because you have to have a proven track record.  You don’t just get to work on the next blockbuster summer movie without having the proper experience.  But that’s not to say there aren’t a ton of opportunities out there.  By working your way up with independent film, and just anything that you can really get your hands on, at some point you can take your career to the next level as well.

2) News and real life footage.

Another one of the most common types of video editing jobs that’s in place just about everywhere, are real life news or even documentary types of projects.  However, these are some of the most difficult and they don’t always pay well. With these types of video editing employment positions you literally have to go through hundreds of hours of footage sometimes, to cut things down into a 60 minute, 30 minute, or even 5 minute statement to deliver a factual message that you’re trying to present.  That takes a special skill, and a ton of dedication which are not things that everyone necessarily has with a career like this.

3) Internet video editing jobs.

The growth of the internet is undeniable, and something that you’re going to find is more and more editors are moving out to this type of medium. Typically on the internet you have a lot less time to try and make an impact, and so you have to make it count for something.  That means utilizing creative editing techniques to really draw in the public for the few seconds you have their attention, before they end up switching to something else.  That takes a really special ability, and will be a major exercise in trial and error to see what actually works in the end.

4) Television editing.

Whether you’re looking to work on a comedy, drama or even reality TV program, this is the type of career for you.  In fact, with television, you can also get into live events like sports, as well as awards shows and other types of great live presentations.  That means there are plenty of places where you can apply your trade, and find positions in local and major markets.  There are a lot of channels out there, and a lot of TV programs, and that guarantees tons of video editing jobs just waiting to be filled.

5) Self employed editing positions.

Instead of working at a studio, and performing work for others like most video editing jobs require, here you’re instead able to control your own destiny.  That means picking the jobs that you want to work, and also means that you can dabble in just about any field.  So long as you can motivate yourself, keep deadlines, and also keep on top of all the different projects that you’re on, you’ll be able to succeed guaranteed.  However, usually success here is really difficult unless you’ve already built your name elsewhere.

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