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6 Great Types of Holiday Inn Jobs That Are Always in High Demand

Since it's such a large hotel chain, there are many types of Holiday Inn jobs that one can secure within the company. Here are six that we'd suggest looking into.

Finding a job at a major chain hotel like those potential opportunities on offer through Holiday Inn jobs, can be a great career move.  In a major company you have a few distinct advantages over working in a smaller organization.  On the one hand there are a lot more jobs, so there’s always potential for new things to open up, as well as new management opportunities so you can rise through the ranks.  But on the other hand, they are located practically everywhere, so if you can maintain a great employee history, you can ensure you can always find a job when you’re in need.

Plus there are plenty of different types of Holiday Inn jobs out there for you to choose from, which means you can choose which aspect of the hotel you want to work in.  That way, you can plan out your career to be perfectly suited to your strengths, or you can just find a temporary job you know that you can enjoy.  Here are 6 of the best opportunities that you’ll find at Holiday Inn locations nationwide:

1) Restaurant server

Want to work in one of the hotels, but you don’t really want to do some hotel type stuff?  Then why not work in the kitchen.  There are a few unique opportunities here, whether it’s actually cooking and preparing food, or if you want to deliver food to the people staying at the hotel.  Either way, you can count on restaurant like experience, and you can be sure that any past experience you have in food service is going to be really greatly appreciated.

2) Room attendants

This is a great opportunity that’s in high demand, especially as Holiday Inn Express jobs where there’s a high rate of turnover for customers as well as jobs.  Here you will actually be preparing the rooms for new people to stay. That means cleaning and washing, and then putting in all the new trimmings like towels, as well as sheets and the like.

3) Bell person jobs

A great choice if you’re after hotel jobs that have a good opportunity of getting tips.  This is one of those types of jobs where you can count on making money hand over fist, because they are so frequently tipped and the job isn’t that hard to begin with.  You’ll find that you’ll typically be tasked with carrying bags, as well as handling everything to do with luggage and helping people out around the hotel on the whole.  That means this is really all about customer service, and anything that those staying in the hotel could need while they are staying there.

4) Tourism and travel sales managers

A Holiday Inn career path that can prove to be extremely lucrative.  This is the type of job where you actually determine which companies to make deals with, to try and encourage people to stay at your hotel. That means analyzing trends and finding new resources so that you can keep the hotel fully booked.  If the hotel isn’t booked, then the company isn’t making money, and that’s not good for anybody that’s involved.

5) Director of sales

Much like the sales managers for tourism, these types of jobs are all about maintaining how the hotel is seen in the area, and finding new ways that you can market as well as manage the property so that you can keep people coming into the hotel.  That means marketing, advertising, as well as keeping on budget while utilizing your resources to the best of your ability.  A lot of marketing experience is typically required, but this is also one of the hotel jobs with the highest paying salaries.

6) General Manager

This is as high as you go in branch Holiday Inn jobs, and this is a career that entails literally running the entire hotel.  That means managing everyone, and make sure the hotel makes ends meet financially, as well as controlling payroll, hiring employees and managing the experience of the guests of the hotel as well.  Usually this requires a massive amount  of experience, but will also require a degree in business, so that you can show you have all the executive tools needed.

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