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6 Reasons to Consider Flight Attendant Jobs

Curious about flight attendant jobs and the reasons they make good career choices? Here are six of those for your reading pleasure.

The airline industry has grown over the years, with the recent trend of budget flights opening up the skies to many more people. This has meant an increase in the job opportunities available, with a common option for many being flight attendant jobs. All airlines need these for the safety and comfort of traveling passengers, and there are a few reasons to consider working in this occupation.

Opportunity to See the World

The majority of the candidates applying for flight attendant jobs will likely have an inclination to travel, and this can be one of the top reasons why people want to work in the industry. Depending on the company worked for and the routes they fly, flight crew have the opportunity to see many places in the country or region they live, or where long haul flights are concerned, the chance to visit a number of countries in the world. This can be a great attraction for many, and while travelling to many different countries is not an option for most due to time and cost limitations, it is open to flight attendants to be paid while doing so. In many cases, airline staff will have layovers and time to spend in the destinations they fly to and this provides the opportunity to take in the sights and enjoy some new experiences.

Discounted Airfares and Other Benefits

A benefit of working for an airline as a fight attendant is the opportunity for discounted or free flights for yourself and your family. Many people fly these days, whether for vacation, personal or business reasons and it can be expensive to do. Having access to discounted fares can greatly reduce the cost of this and open up more opportunities to travel. This can be with the airline worked for and can also extend to other carriers, with many offering discounts to those working as flight attendants. Other travel related businesses can also offer discounts and this can include car hire firms, cruise firms, hotels and other types of accommodation. Most people look for ways to make their money go further and the discounted perks available to flight crew can be a major benefit of working in this field.

Flexible Working Hours

While working in flight attendant jobs can be demanding, it does offer the chance of flexible working hours with plenty of free time. Although schedules can vary depending on factors such as airline worked for and routes travelled, some estimates show that there can be between 13 and 17 non-working days per month. Whether this time is at home or a destination can depend on the type of flights flown, although it does provide plenty of time to do other things. This flexibility is something that many people working in the industry enjoy about the job.

Good Entry Level Position

Airline companies can employ a huge number of people in a variety of occupations and this includes many professional and managerial positions. Flight attendant jobs can therefore be an excellent entry level position for those that want to advance a career to more managerial positions. It provides the chance to gain an understanding of the workings of a company and the airline industry in general, as well as get yourself known by senior members of staff in a company. This can provide opportunities for those that want to move on from a flight attendant position to more senior positions in a company and for those that put in the effort this can be a way to advance their career.

Good Pay and Benefits

Working as an airline attendant provides decent pay, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that the median salary is around the $36,000 mark. However, actual pay will obviously depend on the airline worked for and experience. Most airlines offer incentives for increasing basic salary and this can include bonuses for working holiday periods, night flights and long haul flights. This offers the chance of salary supplements for those willing to take on this type of work. Many airlines also offer benefits which can include paid holidays, health insurance and retirement plans.

Chance to Learn First Aid

Most people would like to know what to do and be able to help in the case of an injury or emergency, although the number that actually can is probably not that great. The training for flight crew includes first aid and life saving techniques. While this can be important for the job, it is also a great skill to have in everyday life and should ensure that if you were ever in the position where you needed to provide assistance for a simple injury to an emergency situation, you would have some skills in being able to do this in a manner that would help.

Working in flight attendant jobs provides a range of benefits for those that successfully become involved, with six of the reasons to consider working in this occupation shown above. These demonstrate some of the perks to be gained and provide a few details of why it can be a rewarding choice of job.

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