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6 Sorts Of Helicopter Jobs For A High Flying Career

Here are six roles in the field of helicopter jobs that can be great career choices.

If you’re looking for a career that takes you to different places, and that allows you to see the sights from a completely different perspective, helicopter jobs may be just the choice for you.   Plus these are career options that pay great, and that also guarantee interesting work no matter where you choose the job.  Of course, they are pretty dangerous, depending upon the type of career that you choose and that’s something that you’re going to have to be aware of beforehand.

Also, there is a pretty rigorous certification process for being a commercial pilot.  If you want to make a living off of helicopter jobs, you’re going to have to be a commercial flier.  That means taking a lot of classes, getting a lot of instruction, and also getting your pilot’s license.  From there, you also have to have a ton of experience if you’re to succeed, so it’s really important that you are prepared for all the work that goes into the career.  So long as you’re ready for this, you’ll find that helicopter jobs have some of the most interesting career offerings you can find anywhere, and opportunities will include:

1) Military helicopter pilot jobs.

This is a great place to start if you want interesting and challenging work, and you also want to have your pilot license training covered in the same place.  Military pilots can be responsible for a great many things, whether it’s transport, search and rescue or even if the purpose is combat, there are plenty of different types of pilot classifications out there.  This virtually ensures you’re going to be able to find work of some type, and that you’re going to be able gain invaluable skills for later on in life.

2) Oil industry jobs.

Another great place to find a top career with helicopter jobs is the oil industry.   That’s because there are always pilot positions on offer because they need fleets of helicopters to get the job done.  Whether it’s getting employees and equipment to a location, or if it’s scouting and delivery work, there are all sorts of purposes that these types of helicopters serve, and they are extremely vital parts of the job.  They are also top overseas helicopter jobs if you’re after international work.

3) Medical helicopter pilot careers.

The medical industry is another place where they always need the help of trained and experienced pilots. This is a career path where you’re exclusively on call so that you can take off and deliver patients and doctors to administer and receive top care throughout almost anywhere in the world.  When somebody is in critical condition and they need the treatment of a specialist, and air lift can get them to the right location much more quickly to give them a top chance for survival.

4) Sightseeing.

Of course another major type of aviation jobs is in the tourism industry, and there are plenty of opportunities available for offering scenic flybys of fantastic natural landmarks and everything else of the sort.  With the right type of helicopter jobs you’ll find that you’re able to show people everything an area has to offer, and they are likely to pay you a ton of money in order for you to do so.

5) Firefighting and rescue opportunities.

There’s always a need for emergency helicopter jobs and you’re going to find that they can be a fantastic and rewarding career opportunity if you have the ability.  These are extremely dangerous jobs however, as they can involve flying in some really rough conditions, and can also require remarkable flight precision.  That means you have to be prepared with the experience and know how that can make your ability really count.

6) Logging and equipment hauling work.

Finally, if you’re of the ability that you can handle towing a 200ft line behind you carrying ridiculously heavy construction equipment or logs from a logging operation, this is the type of career for you.  Requiring a ridiculous amount of precision, as well as overall pilot skill, this takes a ton of experience to train for however, and an extremely deft touch at the controls.  This is one of the hardest positions, but also one of the best for helicopter pilot salary.

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