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6 Things to Prepare For When Landing Bus Driver Jobs

With great benefits and job security, bus driver jobs are more appealing than they may seem. Here's a guide to preparing to find a position for yourself, and landing it.

Driving a bus is a career that can actually be pretty prosperous in the long term.  That’s because you can expect a very decent salary, with plenty of job security as public transportation is a really important part of any community.  With the right types of bus driver jobs, you’ll find that you have career security the likes of which just is not offered from other types of professions.  But of course there is plenty that comes with the territory of becoming a driver of this type, so it’s important that you’re fully prepared.

The road to actually becoming a bus driver is not so easy as you might think, as it does entail some special qualifications.  What’s more, you also have to be sure that you can pass the numerous background checks that are going to occur, and some of them can be quite in depth for some positions.  But so long as you’re prepared for what this type of a career entails, you’ll find that being dedicated enough to get the job is not going to be too hard.  Here are 6 aspects of becoming a bus driver that you can expect to face when it comes time to get the position:

1) Getting your CDL or Commercial Driver’s License

This is a necessity before you can even be considered for jobs of this type, and it’s what you’re going to need in order to perform the job in the first place.  This is the license that’s required for you to legally operate a vehicle like a school or city bus.  That’s because there is special training needed for you to get a feel for how large the vehicle is, and how you need to manage them when you’re on the street.  You have to be more careful because buses are a lot more dangerous to other drivers, so it’s really important that you understand that type of a role.

2) Special training is also required in most cases for most jobs.

Training is almost always required in this sort of a profession, for a variety of different reasons.  Namely to handle what the job is going to entail, and a better understanding of the route that you’ll be expected to take.  What you’re almost always going to find with a bus is that you have to know the area, and where all the stops are, so that you can get a feel for your normal route when this becomes your position.  What’s more, you’re also going to find that training can involve getting a handle on how to deal with customers, or in the case that you’re a school driver, how to better handle the control the children.

3) Be prepared for a background check with most work.

Just about every single type of bus driver jobs is going to have a background check of some sort.  This is important for a variety of different reasons in assessing your abilities.  On the one hand, it’s really important so that you can be checked for a clean driving history.  Anybody with too many traffic offenses, and especially those regarding and related to DUI offences will likely be overlooked.   On the other hand, it’s important to perform a background check for schools to ensure they are hiring someone that is trustworthy around the children.

4) Understand the security issues with some jobs.

When driving a city bus, you have to be prepared for what you can end up facing.  The job can be dangerous, because you’re always working alone and this can make you a target for theft.  What’s more, you can also end up having to diffuse potentially volatile situations as well.  The same is true of school buses to some degree, but here you have to have more of an expertise on watching out for, and protecting the children while they are under your care.

5) Watch out for possible age limits for when you can apply for a job.

Some cities have age requirements on which drivers they will and will not hire.  While many jobs only require that you be an adult over the age of 18, some actual go a bit further and make the age limit 25, or even higher.  This can be to develop more of a background about their drivers, and also be sure that they are hiring truly responsible workers.

6) Some jobs don’t offer the best pay or benefits.

The average that you can expect to make as a bus driver is usually around $10 or more an hour.  However what you’re also going to find with that is some jobs will pay upwards of $20 an  hour, while others pay right at the federal minimum wage, or slightly above at around $7.  What you’re also going to find is that hours can be severely limited, with some jobs only guaranteeing you 20 or fewer hours a week, which means having to have a second job in order to support you alongside the first.


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