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6 Types of Baseball Jobs for Non Players

Just because you can't go pro, there's no reason you can't still work in the sport. Here are six baseball jobs that non players can consider.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America and employs a great many people around the country. While the players are obviously the most prominent employees in the game, they are only the tip of the iceberg, and for those that are interested in the game there are a number of options for non-player baseball jobs. The following are 6 of the options available.

Grounds Maintenance

A baseball ground, whether for professional or amateur teams, is an important part of the sport and needs to be kept in best condition to ensure that a game can go ahead in good playing conditions. This is the job of baseball grounds maintenance staff and this job can involve a variety of tasks. This can include keeping the outfield turf in good condition, freshly cut and healthy, maintaining the infields, batters box and pitchers mound, and marking out the field lines required. It can also involve maintaining the dugouts, scoreboard and clubhouse, and a range of skills is needed for the job. A basic understanding and background in field and grass maintenance will help, as well as general maintenance skills. The job helps to ensure that the players have the best surfaces on which to show their skills, and enables those with an interest in baseball to work in and around a baseball stadium.

Athletic Trainer

The players at the top of baseball are trained athletes, and ensuring that they stay fit and healthy to play the game is the job of an athletic trainer. This baseball job typically needs a college education in athletic training to at least degree level, although many involved in it go on to masters and doctoral level. Anyone that plays sport can suffer injuries and part of the role of a baseball athletic trainer is to provide education to help players avoid injuries in the first place. However, they also have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat muscle and bone injuries and help players in a period of rehabilitation when recovering from injuries. Athletic trainers have an important job at a baseball team in keeping the players fit, injury free and ready to play the game.

Sales and Marketing Jobs

While a professional sport, baseball is also big business, and has been for many years. This means there are typically a range of sales and marketing jobs in the sport. These can include group ticket sales positions which look to sell tickets and hospitality packages for games, events coordinators who market a team’s stadium for non-basketball events and even tour guides that market the stadium to arrange tours for fans. There can also be positions for marketing and retailing a team’s merchandise including uniforms, posters, bats, balls and other products. With most baseball teams looking to maximize revenue, sales and marketing jobs play a part in the sport and there are a number of positions available.

Stadium Operation Jobs

Both the major and minor baseball teams can generate large crowds, and their stadium needs to be in good condition and operate smoothly for the fans to enjoy the experience of watching a game. There are a variety of baseball jobs related to stadium operation, with the top position generally being an executive director who is responsible for the overall efficient operation of the stadium. However there are a number of other stadium operation jobs to consider, with these including a stadium manager who is responsible for the day-to-day running of a stadium, scoreboard operator who is responsible for maintaining and operating the scoreboard and public address announcer, who will make announcements during the games.

Equipment Manager

There is a variety of equipment used in both playing and practicing baseball and an equipment manager is responsible for maintaining this and ensuring that the required equipment is available as and when needed by the players. This can include the uniforms that the team wears, as well as basic equipment such as bats and balls, and specialized practice equipment. An equipment manager has to order and inventory the equipment needed to ensure the payers have the equipment they require, store and maintain it in best condition and ensure it is ready for use in a game or practice.


For those that want to get close to the action, without actually being a player, training to become an umpire is a job in baseball to consider. There are a few basic requirements for this such as having a high school diploma, having some athletic ability, good communication skills and quick reflexes. Attending one of the two professional umpire school is the road to officiating in the minors and majors, and for those with a keen interest in baseball that want to get on the field of play this can be a way to do it.

Baseball generates a lot of interest and excitement in the US and it can be an interesting sport to become involved with. While not everyone has the skills to become a player, there are many other baseball jobs to consider for those that want to work in the sport. Those shown above are some of the options to consider, and more details of major and minor league job opportunities can be found at PBEO and MLB.

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