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7 Different Types of CDL Driver Jobs

Once licensed, you'll have many types of CDL driver jobs to pick and choose from. Here are seven of them.

Finding the right type of trucking job is a must for everyone with a commercial driver’s license, as it’s really what the trade entails.  But you’re going to find that there are plenty of branches of CDL driver jobs, so you’re going to find that you’ve got some options.  Usually specialized training is required for any, so you have to be prepared to go through some training if you actually want to be able to get the job.  That’s why it’s that much more important you’re able to get focused and choose the type of driving that seems the most sustainable to you, over the course of a career.  Here are 7 different types of CDL driver jobs, and what you can expect as a part of the work:

1) Garbage trucks.

These are very large trucks that do require special training in order to be able to operate.  That’s because they are extremely dangerous to drive on the road because of their size.  But also, there are all sorts of specialized moving parts that you’ll need to manipulate and control, so it’s vital that you have the special training to do everything a truck of this size and special use is going to require.

2) Dump truck jobs.

This is another type of CDL driver jobs that are always in constant demand, because of the need for experienced drivers nationwide.  This literally deals with everything to do with driving a dump truck. That means picking up a haul, driving to the destination, then dropping the load or delivering the load as need be.  These are jobs that can be local, overseas or even that can have you driving from coast to coast.

3) Commercial semi driving.

There are all sorts of important jobs that semis perform on a daily basis, and they can include things like hauling freight, major commercial deliveries, as well as hauling things like furniture when people are moving.  These are the massive trucks that you always see on the road and major highways, always going from place to place, and this is the type of job that can see you driving the country, as you deliver your items all over the nation as need be.

4) Flatbed truck driving.

This is actually a fine science, and one of the more highly skilled truck driver jobs out there.  That’s because these require you to haul massive items, equipment and especially commercial loads of materials from one place to another.  But you’re going to have to do so on a gigantic flatbed, in which the load is just strapped down via special types of supports.  It requires especially careful driving and management in order to ensure that you’re able to get your load from one place to the next, without a problem.

5) Hazardous material driving.

Another more specialized type of delivery driver jobs, this is where you’re in the business of either delivering hazardous materials from one place to the next, or you’re tasked with transporting them so that they can be disposed of.  What you’re also going to find is that the job requires special training, and that means managing them so that certain conditions are always met, to keep the chemicals and materials at a safe level for transport.

6) Specialty vehicles.

There are also jobs that require a CDL in which you’re going to be operating some unusual equipment.  That can be things like bulldozers, as well as other types of major construction equipment, that can need to drive along public roadways at any time.  You have to have the right type of license in order to get this done, as it requires a certain amount of expertise in order to drive vehicles of that size safely.

7) Major delivery vehicles.

Of course, there are plenty of different types of delivery driver jobs, and this is one such career path.  This is going to have you operating a large truck, like those driven by FedEx or UPS, but that only operate within a given area.  This way, you’ll find that they are usually local jobs, so you can actually work on a more regular schedule, and even sleep in your own bed every night.  That is not something that most CDL driver jobs can offer you.

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