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7 Great Opportunities You Can Apply For Within Fashion Marketing Jobs

The world of fashion marketing jobs is filled with a number of great opportunities. Here are seven that may be of interest to you.

Being in the fashion industry can be a remarkably difficult and challenging path that’s going to present you plenty of opportunities to compete as well as succeed.  But what you’re also going to find is that there are a ton of different types of employment opportunities as well.  This way you can really choose your path and set out to be really anything that you want, so long as you’re able to find the right type of career opportunity.  There are a ton of potential fashion marketing jobs out there, and here are 7 of the finest that you will have to select from:

1) Visual merchandising.

This is a really fun career option, and can go well beyond fashion if you’re looking for other types of job opportunities down the line.  But basically what this provides, is the opportunity to design and literally create by hand, the types of displays that you see in every store around the country. That means you will literally design the colors, layout and everything else, to make sure they are motivated to really sell, so that customers are just drawn to the things that you create.

2) Fashion stylist positions.

This is where you literally come up with the right type of style for someone, so that they are going to be wearing the right type of attire to put their best foot forward.  That means preparing clients wardrobes for events, or even throughout the week, so that you can be sure they are going to look their best no matter what position they hold or what they’re going to be doing.

3) Publicist careers.

A major type of fashion marketing jobs, this is where you are all about selling clients, or the products of your clients, and getting the name of the items in question everywhere that you can.  This way, you’re marketing practically any brand, and making sure there’s a public appeal, so that you can get the average Joe caring about what you have to say.

4) Event organizers.

The fashion marketing job description for this type of career usually involves making events something to remember for any type of purpose.  Whether you’re designing a fundraiser for charity, or practically anything else, here your job is just to ensure that things succeed.  A big part of a guests enjoyment of a function, is the layout and style used, so it’s a fine skill that requires a ton of work to really be able to carry out to perfection.

5) Fashion writers and editors.

There are all sorts of different types of fashion marketing careers that involve writing, and if you fancy both writing as well as fashion, there are a ton of jobs.  Whether you want to actually write the advertisements and press releases to push a new brand.  Or if you want to work for magazines or other print outlets so that you can describe and keep up on the hottest trends, and get paid to do so.  Of course these can be more modest fashion marketing salaries, but they are really about the passion and the joy of doing something you love.

6) Trend forecaster.

This is where you spot trends currently taking place within the market, and you get your company to come on board before they’re mainstream.  Getting in on a trend before it’s trendy is really key to being a top earner for the time that the trend is hot. That means you have to get in before things take off if you want to succeed.  Here’s where a fashion marketing degree can come in handy, so that you can gain the tools necessary to be a successful trend spotter.

7) Boutique owners.

A really difficult career, but quite a fun one as well.  This is where you literally own a store, so that you can do almost all of these jobs, but to your own ends in a store that you have total control over.  It’s a cutthroat business however, and it can be hard to stay hip and afloat.  But you will find that a successful boutique is where you’ll be able to get some of the highest fashion marketing salaries no matter the job or career that you seek.


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