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7 Types of Non-Combat Military Jobs

Military jobs don't have to involve fighting in the trenches. Here are several options you have for avoiding combat.

Looking for a way to serve your country, and the military, but you don’t exactly want to be on the front lines of a war in order to do so?  Not to worry, there are plenty of jobs that involve no combat whatsoever, so that you can be sure you’re still able to serve, and even have a fantastic career at the same time, without any of the same risks.  There are a wealth of non-combat opportunities in the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines.  All you have to do is know which types of positions are going to be the best for you to pursue, based upon the sorts of jobs you’re most interested in performing.  Here are some that you can choose for your military career:

1) Military Administrative Support.

While people typically think of the military as a type of career where people are sent to fight, they still need people to crunch the numbers and do the paperwork.  That’s why there are so many different types of administrative careers out there.  Through support positions like these, you’re able to take up jobs in which you literally work through the finance, as well as human resources development, and even accounting of the military.  While there are positions here that can end up in dangerous parts of the world, it’s not a combat job by trade.

2) Computer and Technology Military Jobs.

These are positions in which you directly work with computers and other related types of technology that are used in the field, to get them fine tuned and ready for combat.  Chiefly, this can involve developing new types of tech that combatants can take into the fight to make things more safe or effective.  Or these can also be federal jobs in which you just make the most of what’s on offer for the military, so that you can perform the impossible with outdated tech, when the money just isn’t there for new equipment.

3) Mechanics

This is somewhat of an intermediately non-combat field, as some mechanics are required to work in combat situations.  But for the most part, there are plenty of military and otherwise government jobs that don’t require you to stick your neck out on the front line.  But chiefly this is the practice of fixing all major vehicles and equipment to ensure that they are always ready for use in combat situations, to the fullest of their ability.

4) Recruiters.

There are government jobs that entail you actually recruit for the military, and so are able to stay at home and look for candidates to go overseas.  This is a hard position to come by sometimes, but it can be a rewarding one as you’re able to inspire the new youth to get interested in serving their country and doing something meaningful for the flag that means so much to them.

5) Training Instructors

This is one of those careers that often requires past combat experience in order to attain the level necessary to make this military job possible.  However, if you’re looking for ways to stay at home and not be deployed again, or to make yourself useful when you’re getting too old to be deployed, it’s a great opportunity.  Trainers are responsible for teaching recruits everything they need to know about equipment, combat, or any other part of military service for which they will be responsible. 

6) Medical Doctors and Nurses

This is actually a great opportunity if you’re looking for a position in which you’ll be able to learn the trade of becoming a doctor, without having to fully pay for medical school.  However, what you’re also going to find is that it’s one of the more horrific jobs as you’ll be patching together the soldiers that come in from the horrors of war.  What’s more, there is still a risk of being a combat deployed medic, as they are needed in battle as well to provide first aid to soldiers in the field.

7) Cargo Transportation Specialist.

These are federal jobs in which you’ll work for the military basically as a mailman for major equipment and cargo.  This is the job of actually delivering items that the military needs, all across different military compounds.  Some jobs can get you close to combat, but there are plenty of careers in which you never come close to dangerous or militarized zones, so you can ensure they are military jobs with a fair amount of safety to them, as well as the excitement of driving major delivery machines.

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