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8 Teen Summer Jobs Guaranteed To Be Hiring

Need a way to make some money during your break from school? Here are 8 teen summer jobs that make for great work choices.

Getting your teen working this summer is a great way to get them up and out of the house, and ensure that they can go do something productive that’s also going to earn them some money. You’ll find that there are actually tons of teen summer jobs that are just waiting to be taken, so long as they are willing to put the work into them.  Most don’t pay that poorly either, and while you’ll be on close to minimum wage, you’ll also find that typically you’re able to still pull down a good amount as well.

Here are 8 great opportunities for teens that you can commonly find around the neighborhood, and that are always going to be hiring:

1) Retail positions

Sales and retail jobs are one of the hottest and most common for most teens, and you’ll find that they are almost always hiring as well.  Whether you’re looking for a great career opportunity in sales or retail management for the future or not, stores like Target, Walmart, Sears, etc are almost always hiring positions for teens throughout the summer time especially.

2) Restaurant work

You’ll find that these are really ideal student summer jobs, because restaurants are always hiring, and the summer months tend to be when they are a lot busier.  You’ll find that here you can get all sorts of great work opportunities including waiting tables, as well as being a floor manager even, host as well as cooking back in the kitchen.  Plus all are prone to tips, and who doesn’t like that?

3) Customer service positions

Whether you’re talking about call center jobs, or those that work with retail but in a different capacity, you’ll find that the need for customer service representatives is always there.  Usually you can find all different types of work opportunities as well, as almost every major store, retailer, etc is going to need plenty to keep the customers happy.

4) Office assistant work

Of course, if your future is with an office job, why not start to get some experience straight away.  You’re going to find that here you can benefit from all sorts of opportunities like receptionist work or data entry, which can actually be invaluable further down the line.  Plus they can be some of the better paying teen summer jobs as well.

5) Banking

Low level banking jobs are always out there too, and they can present you again another opportunity for your future.  These are fantastic teen summer jobs, and usually you can get cashier or some other type of work on the grounds, which is really a necessity for accountants that want to make an impact in the industry.

6) Landscaping jobs

You’ll find that alongside everything else, landscaping is of course at it’s height during the summer.  That’s why all sorts of companies are willing to take on some help from different sources out there.  Whether you’re looking to mow lawns, do some heavy lifting for outdoor projects, or really anything else of the sort, this is a great chance to earn a decent buck working outside.

7) Fast food positions

Different from restaurant work, because here it’s basically just about following a formula to cook the food, and then get it out to customers.  You really don’t have to follow anything but guidelines and standards, but they are great jobs because usually there’s a really high availability of hours, and you’ll find that they are always hiring as well. Places like Burger King, McDonalds and other similar types of companies are guaranteed to have teen summer jobs available.

8) Local summer jobs programs

But of course, you also want to check around in the local community.  Oftentimes they will host job fairs, or just job centers that can ensure you’re able to find the right sorts of teen summer jobs.  Most of the time they allow teens to find work, or enable them to learn more about what they can apply for as well, so that you’re better informed as to which types of jobs you should apply for.  That always helps, and can ensure that hunting down the perfect type of position later on will be as easy as can be.


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