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8 Types of Walmart Jobs

With a huge company and massive stores comes a wealth of positions. Here are 8 of some of the many types of Walmart jobs.

The retail industry is a big employer and there are many different sizes and types of stores on the high street, in malls and elsewhere. One of the biggest and most successful of these is Walmart and they have thousands of stores in many locations around the US and other countries. They provide plenty of opportunities for those that want to work in the retail industry, with a number of different types of Walmart jobs available.


One of the most common Walmart jobs is a cashier, and this is the staff member that most customers will come in contact with when they shop in the store. Positions are generally open for full-time and part-time working, and the responsibilities include cash register operation and servicing customer transactions. Cashiers are also responsible for the keeping their work area tidy and other general tasks which may be required as part of their working day. The cashier tends to be the face of a retail store and the size of Walmart ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for this type of job.

Store Manager

With thousands of stores around the country, there is plenty of opportunity for store managers at Walmart. They are responsible for the day-to-day running of a store to ensure it operates efficiently and profitably. Most stores have three levels of management which include the positions of assistant manager, co-manager and also store manager. These have different levels of responsibility and provide the opportunity to learn about the requirements of store management and work up to taking on the lead management role in a store.

Logistics Manager

Logistics is an important part of any large retail operation, and is the part of the business that ensures that stores remain well stocked to serve their customers. Walmart has 40 regional distribution centers around the US, and this provides opportunities for logistics manager jobs. These have the responsibility for ensuring that products are moved around and delivered to stores in an efficient and timely manner. The logistics department of Walmart is an important part of their operations and becoming a logistics manager can be a good career to opt for at the company.


Walmart have invested in the pharmacy business for a number of years now and they have a number of locations providing this service around the country. This provides opportunities for those interested in a career as a pharmacist. This ranges from students looking to gain experience as they train, through to full-time staff pharmacists. The job offers decent benefits and allows pharmacists to work in an excellent setting that offers many of the latest advances in pharmacy technology.


Walmart has a huge fleet of vehicles which are used to service their many stores around the country. The vehicles ensure that the products the company sell are picked up from suppliers and distribution centers and delivered to stores in a timely manner to get them on the shelves for customers. This fleet of vehicles need drivers and this is one of the Walmart jobs open to many people. The Walmart transportation team typically has openings for drivers in many locations around the country to drive a range of vehicles, and provides decent benefits such as good salary, access to health insurance and paid vacations.


Walmart Optical provides eye-care for many people and has more than 2,600 locations around the country. For those that train in optometry, the company therefore has a number of optometrist jobs available. They can be a good company to work for in this field as they provide access to the latest equipment and technology for carrying out the work. In most cases optometrists work in partnership with Walmart to provide eye-care services in their stores.

Automotive Technicians

Basic vehicle care is available at Walmart auto centers, and these locations hire automotive technicians to carry out the work. This provides job opportunities for those with training in vehicle care and maintenance to work as an automotive technician. This requires knowledge and experience in changing oil, tire maintenance and fitting, as well as general vehicle maintenance. A number of auto technician openings are typically available at locations around the country and can provide a job opportunity for those interested in working with cars and trucks.

eCommerce Jobs

As well as their physical stores, Walmart has embraced online trading, and its internet store offers many of the products that can be found on sale in their stores. The Walmart online store is a big operation and it offers job opportunities for those with the requisite PC software development skills. There are a number of opportunities for software developers and other computer specialist positions to assist in expanding and improving the global online operations, and for those that have software and PC training it can be a good option to consider for job opportunities.

The size of their retail operations means that Walmart has job openings in many communities, towns and cities around the country. Walmart jobs can be a good choice for those looking to work in the retail industry, and a variety of different job openings are available. Some of these are shown above, and as a well established and growing company, Walmart can be a good employer to look to.


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