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A Glance at Several Unique Cosmetology Jobs

There are many types of cosmetology jobs that one interested in the beauty field can get into. Here are some that you may not have known about.

Studying and putting into practice beauty treatments generally comes under the title of cosmetology, and for those that are interested in this it can provide the opportunity for a career. There are a variety of cosmetology jobs available, with these typically being grouped into a range of specializations. The following are some of the options available for those that want to pursue a career in a branch of cosmetology.


While there a few temporary treatments for the removal of hair, a more permanent solution can be offered by an electrolysis machine. This is the treatment an electrologist offers, and it generally requires specialist training at a dedicated electrolysis school. There are a number of these around the country, and students at these will learn about the equipment used in the electrolysis process, as well as how to safely apply this in the permanent removal of both facial and body hair. Those in this profession typically work in beauty salons, although many have their own private offices.


An esthetician specializes in treatments concerned with the beautification of the skin and this can include both facial and body skin. Cosmetology jobs in this specialization can involve providing a range of treatments for common skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and dry skin. They can also practice treatments such as body wraps, facial masks and eyebrow care and may offer clients non-surgical facelift treatments. Typically estheticians will require a period of education and training to learn the requirements of the job, and while some have private practices, others can be based in the offices of dermatologists and work in combination with them.

Nail Technician

A nail technician offers treatments aimed at caring for and improving the look of client’s nails. This can include both manicures and pedicures which care for and shape the nails of clients. It also involves a range of other techniques, such as nail painting, nail art and the preparation and application of artificial nails. Through the training they undertake, nail technicians will gain an understanding of the conditions and diseases that commonly affect both the nails and skin. This enables them to identify these such that they can refer clients to a physician to seek treatment.

Shampoo Technician

A shampoo technician typically works in combination with one or more hair stylists. While the stylists will perform the actual cutting and styling of a client’s hair, it is the job of the technician to prepare the hair for this. This typically involves shampooing, rinsing and conditioning the hair in preparation for a cut. In many salons this is a specialist position, with a program of training generally required to understand the different hair types and the requirements for caring for these.

Aromatherapy and Massage Technician

Aromatherapy is a technique where the fragrances from a wide range of essential oils can be used in treatments aimed at the wellbeing and care of an individual’s health. It can be aimed at the improvement of skin conditions, being used as part of the treatment for conditions such as acne, stretch marks and dermatitis, to name a few. Aromatherapy can be used in conjunction with massage to care for both facial and body skin and can be a relaxing treatment with both psychological and physical benefits.

Makeup Artist

The application of make-up can help women, and men, look their best and cosmetology jobs concerned with this include make-up artists. They typically train to gain the knowledge of the types of products that can be used in the profession and the proper application of these, depending on the looks and complexion of a client. They can work in a range of industries with many providing services in the television, movie, modeling and other areas of the entertainment world. However, they can also provide services to anyone and are typically called on for special occasions such as weddings.

Beauty treatments are something used by many people and there is a wide variety to choose from, which are concerned with various parts of the body. Working in cosmetology provides the opportunity to offer these services to clients and there are a few different options for cosmetology jobs. Those shown above are a few of the common specializations that those interested in the industry can study and provide to clients.

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