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Advantages of Social Work Internships as a Part of a Successful Career

Social work internships can play a tremendous role in shaping your career for the better. Here are a number of reasons to consider taking one up.

Paying your dues is something that just about every type of career demands, and if you don’t do some of the heavy lifting at the lower end of the spectrum, how can you ever expect to rise to the top after all?  That’s why internships are a vital component of really any type of major job, and if you want to be a top candidate, or even sometimes if you want to get through school, then you need to do some internships.  With something like social work internships you’re going to find that they can be especially important. There’s a lot you have to learn how to handle as a social worker, and that’s only going to come with experience.

Really learning what a job has to offer, and what you’re going to find working in a particular type of career can really only be done by actually working within the industry.  That’s why internships are a logical part of the process.  But they also offer plenty of other advantages as well, and you’re going to find that with the right types of social work internships you can open so many doors your career will be made by the time you’re ready to look for an actual job.  Here are just a few of the many advantages that they present.

1) Invaluable learning opportunities.

You’ll find that with social work internships you’re actually able to get out there and experience what a social worker actually does, instead of just studying the information that you need for the career. There’s a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path, and all the book knowledge in the world isn’t going to prepare you for working in an office, unless you can get the experience of having actually been there.

2) They can basically become a job audition.

You’ll find that what not everybody realizes about internships, and when they really don’t put forth the effort they don’t take advantage of the fact these can be job auditions.  Many different types of companies as well as local agencies actually utilize the internship process as a form of scouting, to see who they are going to want to hire once your degree is finished up.  So put forth the effort now, and you’ll find that you can land one of the top social work careers right out of college.

3) Some internships can still pay the bills.

You’ll also find that not all  social work internships are unpaid, and you can still find those that are going to give you something for your trouble.  While they are rare, and they are few and far between, they can still be great opportunities as well.  Social work paid internships are the perfect way to learn, while still getting the money that you need too.

4) Making invaluable social connections.

Networking when you’re looking to get further with a career and really set yourself up for a lifetime of success is just invaluable.  Friends on the inside are quite literally your inside track to the best possible jobs and what’s going on with any industry. So make sure that you may plenty of friends when it comes to social work internships, whether you’re talking about the actual workers on staff in addition to other interns that are there with you.

5) They always pad a resume.

When you’re finally applying for work after you’re done in school, you’ll find that having social work summer internships on your resume is going to set you up for the best possible work opportunities.  A lot of the time experience counts for more or at least as much as education, and this is basically like having work experience even though you’ve never held a proper job in the social worker field.

6) A good internship is key to graduating with honors.

You’ll find that a lot of the time internships aren’t necessarily required, but they are a fantastic idea if you’re looking to go far in any particular career.  By getting the credit that you really need through a successful social work internship, you can take your education further, and ensure that you graduate with the highest honors, setting yourself up for the best jobs.


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