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An Overview of Ultrasound Tech Jobs

What are ultrasound tech jobs and what else should you know about them. Here's your answer.

While most people will probably think of ultrasound in terms of pregnancy scans and seeing a picture of an unborn child, the technology can be used for many more purposes these days.  Ultrasound tech jobs can therefore be a good career choice for those considering entering the field of diagnostic healthcare. Some of things to be aware of when considering this as a job include the following.

Nature of the Work

Ultrasound can also be know as sonography and uses technology which sends sound waves into an area of a patients body to help in the assessment or diagnosis of a condition. Typically the equipment used in ultrasound will collect the reflected sound waves and these can then be used to build up a picture of an area inside the body. There are a variety of ways in which the technology can be used. Some of the common procedures include gynecologic ultrasound, which can build a picture of the reproductive organs and baby in a pregnant woman, abdominal ultrasound, which builds a picture of internal organs, breast ultrasound, used for examination of the breasts and neuro-ultrasound, used to create images of the brain and nervous system. Ultrasound tech jobs will generally involve working directly with patients in using the technology for diagnosis and assessment purposes. Ultrasound technicians will also typically be responsible for maintaining patient records and care and maintenance of the equipment.

Education Required

There are a variety of ways in which those that are interested can become qualified to carry out ultrasound tech jobs. There are a variety of courses available designed to teach students looking to become qualified. A number of 2 and 4 year degree courses are available, which are typically offered by colleges, universities and training hospitals. The websites of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) is a location where details of accreted courses can be found. A career as an ultrasound tech is also open to those already working in the healthcare industry and 1 year courses are available to teach them the basics of the job such that they can apply for this type of job.


While state certification is not required to apply for ultrasound tech jobs, there are a few professional bodies from which certification can be gained. This can be useful to have in terms of applying for jobs and for advancing a career in the industry. The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) is one such organization and it is possible to take their exam in one of the different specialties of ultrasound, such as gynecologic or abdominal ultrasound to become certified in this field.

Career Prospects

Ultrasound tech jobs can be available in a range of locations and this includes public and private hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and the offices of doctors. There are therefore a few options for those that enter the field. The prospects for the job are also expected to be good in the future with ultrasound becoming more commonly used as a safer alternative to more invasive diagnostic procedures or equipment such as radiological equipment. As the equipment becomes more used, and as the cost of the equipment reduces, this should provide plenty of opportunities for ultrasound technicians.


The salary for those that are trained to carry out ultrasound tech jobs will typically depend on a few different factors. This can include a technician’s level of experience, as well as the location and responsibilities of the job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the typical salary which can be expected is just over $60,000. However, for the top jobs in the industry a salary in excess of $80,000 can be received.

There are a variety of opportunities for those that are looking for a career in the assessment and diagnostic field of healthcare. However, ultrasound tech jobs can be a decent choice, with the prospects for those entering this occupation expected to be good. The information above provides a brief overview of the career and shows some of the details for education, training and the work which will be carried out. This should be considered by those looking to become an ultrasound tech so that they are aware of what is involved.

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