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Are Emergency Physician Jobs Right For You?

Before jumping into demanding positions like emergency physician jobs, one should carefully analyze the good and the bad to determine whether this is a good lifestyle fit.

Picking the right sort of career within the medical industry is always hard, and you usually want to have some sort of a discipline or an area of expertise, so that you have a cohesive career path.  Usually careers tend to favor doctors that are really well trained in one aspect of medicine, or a specific type of practice.  However, choosing that can be really hard, as you have to consider everything that’s on offer from these types of jobs.  That’s also why figuring out whether emergency physician jobs are the right choice for you.

Emergency medicine is something that’s needed at just about every hospital, and there’s always a ton of job opportunity because of that.  However, it can be really stressful, as there’s a ton of pressure involved with this type of a career.  That’s why preparing yourself, as well as just generally determining if this is the type of career for you is really important, before taking on emergency physician jobs of any sort.  There are a variety of aspects you want to give some thought, and some of the most important include:

1) Pretty harsh working conditions.

You’re going to find that working conditions can be a bit harsh, only because you’re always being juggled around from one patient to the next all the time.  The busier you are, the less facilities there are, so care can get a bit unorthodox when there’s a major incident in the area, that sees a lot of people being shipped off to the hospital.  Plus these types of conditions can be stressful, and you have to be creative to discern medically sound decisions on the fly.

2) Stressful working environment.

Something else you’re going to find is that emergency physician jobs can be pretty stressful, because of the pressures that come alongside working in the ER.  You’re going to be dealing with some people that have been severely injured sometimes, and when you work in a major city you can see things like car accident victims, and gunshot wounds with some regularity, meaning you have to adjust to major situations on the fly.

3) Great career outlook.

However, despite those negatives you’re going to find that in most cases a career in emergency medicine is going to have a great outlook.  That’s because they are always needed, and there are positions available at every hospital because there are a ton of hours to cover.   An ER has to stay open 24 hours a day, and that’s a lot of staff to have on call at all times, and a lot of positions that need to be filled.

4) Fantastic salary potential.

You’re also going to find that you have the opportunity to make a ton of money in this sort of a career, because most emergency physician jobs pay extremely well.  On average you’re always going to be looking at six figures, but in most cases you can be looking at the $200,000 to $300,000 range, which virtually assures you’re going to be making some fantastic money.  Plus the potential is there to go even higher with certain disciplines like surgeons and other types of career paths.

5) Ability to choose your schedule.

Another great advantage of most emergency physician jobs and careers is that they enable you to choose what hours you’re going to work, more so that most other medical positions.  That’s because they are open 24 hours a day, so you can choose whether you would like to work during the day, at nighttime, or even during the early morning hours, as per what you’re most comfortable with.  That’s a huge advantage that not all jobs offer, and that can ensure you’re working on your schedule.

6) License requirements

However, getting a license to work in the ER can be difficult, because it requires more than just your standard type of medical license.  You do have to have that standard certification that allows you to work as a doctor in the first place.  But then you also have to go the extra mile and provide for certification that shows you can work under emergency conditions.  That way you can prove your mettle, and show that you’re qualified for literally everything that emergency physician jobs are going to throw at you.

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