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Becoming The Perfect Candidate For NYC Teaching Jobs

NYC teaching jobs offer a number of benefits, including great salaries relative to other school districts. Here's how to position yourself for a great career in New York City education.

Taking that step to become a teacher is not always easy, but it can be an incredibly rewarding path that’s going to ensure you’re able to help and shape the fates of an entire nation, by providing the youth with an education. This does take a lot of work, but nothing is insurmountable so long as you’re prepared. Plus NYC teaching jobs offer some of the best opportunities around, to ensure that you’re able to pay the bills on your teaching salary, while providing an invaluable and incredibly rewarding service.

Basically becoming a teacher is all about setting yourself up in the right way to take control of a classroom, and ensure that you’re able to manage your students effectively. That means getting the education and the training that you need to succeed. You’re going to find that NYC teaching jobs are some of the best paying in the world, with teachers starting out in the $30,000 to $40,000 range, and extended all the way into the $100,000 range as well. With the right planning and concerns taken, you guarantee that you’re going to be given the best chance to be in the upper echelon of teachers.

1) Get an idea of what type of teaching you want to do.

This is really important, so that you can determine what grade group you actually want to teach, and what types of students you want to see on a daily basis. Whether you want to focus on a lower grade, preschool level, or even if you want to be a high school teacher, or a college professor. The level that you choose is going to determine the type of education that you should pursue, in addition to the level of education that you’re going to need in order to succeed.

2) Get an education.

Once you have an idea on the types of NYC teaching jobs that are going to appeal to you the most, you’re ready to explore your college education options. There are all sorts of majors and different types of teaching opportunities which ensure that you’re going to be able to hone and focus your skills. Just be sure that you’re attending an accredited university, so that you can be sure your degree is really going to count. Furthermore, you also want to take your education as far as you can. Whether you’re looking for a bachelor’s, masters, or doctorate.

3) Apply to take the NYC teaching examinations.

Whether you want to be the main teacher, or even if you’re going after NYC teaching assistant jobs, you’re going to find that these are a necessity. That’s because they test your education, as well as your readiness to actually be a teacher. The state certified test consists of three parts. The Liberal Arts & Sciences test, Assessment of Teaching Skills written examination, and the Content Specialty test. The LAST test looks at your basic understanding of teaching principles, as well as cultural awareness. The ATS assesses your ability to facilitate student learning. Then the CST is for teachers that have a specialty if they are going to be teaching just one subject, or just one grade level.

4) Once you have certification, you’re ready to start applying for jobs.

Once your NYC teaching certification comes through, you’re qualified as a teacher, and you’re ready to go after any job opportunities that are out there. This means applying anywhere in the NYC area, and looking into jobs that you can get within the field. Remember that as with any other type of job, it can help to start out small, so that you can make a name for yourself, or work your way up. That means taking positions like assistant teacher, or finding ways that you can intern and get some time in the classroom.

Remember also that your NYC teaching salary probably isn’t going to be as high starting out as you might like it to be. Teachers are notoriously underpaid when it comes to the starting salary that you will receive, and it’s really important that you are prepared to take the hit now, for the chances that you can work your way up to a great career salary later on in life.

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