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Best Companies For Finding Jobs in Atlanta

Looking for jobs in Atlanta? Here are some of the best companies to apply with in the hopes of finding some work.

When you’re looking for the top employment opportunities that a state has to offer, usually you want to start with the biggest companies that employ in the area, and you want to go with those for finding new work.  That means researching who operates in the area, and who is likely to be hiring all the time.  For something like jobs in Atlanta, you’re going to discover that a lot of companies are always hiring because it’s a big city.  But some jobs are going to be a lot more cushy than others.  This is why you want to be sure that you’re able to go out and find the best possible ones from top companies that pay the best.

There are several companies that should be on your radar, but as with all things in life you’re still going to find that some should rank higher than others.  It’s these that you want to pay attention to, and that you want to keep track of so that you can really figure out which is the best place that you can possibly apply for.  You’re going to find that these companies should consistently be on your watch list, as they are always hiring and probably have a ton of openings even right now:

1) Fiserv.

This is one of the best possible places to work if you’re an IT specialist of any sort.  What they do is actually develop software and ecommerce solutions for other companies all around the world.  That means if you have the right type of computing degree, you can count on them for finding some really top job opportunities.  Plus they always have spots open for IT experts, as well as different types of engineering jobs, for software of all sorts.  They are located in Norcross, which is just outside Atlanta, and is a great choice if you’re seeking top companies in Atlanta.

2) McKesson Provider Technologies.

Another software vendor that actually develops programs to sell off to healthcare companies specifically.  They are all about changing the healthcare and insurance industries for the better, by providing more convenient and accurate solutions to ensure that it’s easier than ever for doctors to deliver proper care.  You’re going to find that this is right where you want to go if you have an active interest in healthcare, and you have a computer background. They are always hiring project leads, and developers of all kinds, making them some of the top jobs in Atlanta.

3) Tenet Healthcare Corporation.

A great solution if you’re looking to actually work in the healthcare field, but as a care giver.  What you’ll find with jobs here is that they are always hiring registered nurses as well as patient supervisors.  But you’re going to find that it’s not to say they are not looking for administrative experts as well however.  You can find tons of administrative opportunity as well, so that you can ensure finding jobs in the city of Atlanta is still as easy as can be.

4) RJ Hoffmann Holdings.

If you’re a trucker, this is where you want to look as they offer some of the premier trucking jobs in Atlanta.  Here you’ll find jobs for all different styles of truckers whether you’re class 1A or even class 3A driver.  Plus you’ll find that they’re jobs that can be located specifically in the city itself, or they can also take you all over the state or the country as well.

5) Housecleaners.

An ideal company if you’re just looking for part time jobs in Atlanta, or you want something to hold you over while you’re looking for a better job.  Plus you don’t have to worry about any of the harmful fumes that normally come with cleaning products, because they specialize in green cleaning methods.  That means only using environmentally friendly solutions, so you can feel good about the job that you’re doing as well.

6) But don’t forget your more standard major retailers.

Whether you’re looking for the top companies in Atlanta, or if you’re looking for part time jobs in Atlanta, you’re going to find that the major retailers are a great place to look.  Stores like Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc are all fantastic stepping stone job opportunities that can turn into great careers.  Whether you just needed money and experience for a short time, or if you want to go career and become a store manager, there’s a real world of opportunity before you here.


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