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Biology Jobs: Your Quick Guide To Choosing A Classification

If you have an interest in biology, you'll realize that biology jobs involved more than simply becoming a biologist. Here are four career paths in the field.

Finding a career that you know is going to be rewarding and enjoyable is hard, no matter what field you’re entering into. But when you start off saying something like “I want to be a biologist”, you’re going to find that you have to narrow down things a bit more than that. You need to pick out a type of biology that sounds the most interesting to you, and that features the type of work that you want to be pursuing throughout a career. That means thinking about things like the sorts of biology jobs and careers that are out there, and what you can do to ensure you find the perfect position.

This means considering what type of scientist you want to be. There are a ton of opportunities out there, whether you fancy yourself a teacher or someone that actually works in a lab, and anything else of the sort. Either way, you really want to get a handle on what’s going to be the most rewarding type of career possible. That means determining which types of biology jobs are going offer you the most. Here are some of the most common fields, so that you can choose the sort of career that seems to be the most fulfilling in the long run:

1) Ecology and Conservation and environmental jobs

This is one of the hottest biology careers these days, as it’s the study of the effects that we’re having on the planet as human beings. Not everybody is totally aware of the far reaching effects that all of our technology has, but one thing is for sure, pollution is most definitely bad. But how bad, and the extent to which we’ve gone so far is what would be your job to assess and really determine. This way, you can actually look into and study the earth to see what’s happening in the soil, air, even with the very atmosphere itself, as a direct result of the pollution that we put out on a daily basis

2) Health Care and Medicine

This is the path for you if you’re after science jobs that involve the human body, and specifically the medical aspects of how we function as well as how disease and injuries affect us. This is the type of biology jobs held by medical doctors, dentists, and even nurses could be considered biologists as well. How specialized you want to go into the field really depends upon your level of interest. You can go for a broad understanding of medicine as a more general doctor or nurse, or you can also specialize in one field. Whether you want to focus on oncology and cancer research, or even diagnostic medicine to spot diseases before they cause damage in a person’s system.

3) Forensics

If you’ve ever watched the show CSI or any one of the other rabble of shows inspired by the concept, this is what this type of biology jobs entails. As a forensic scientist, you’re an expert in crime scene technology and all things to do with DNA. That means that you can utilize DNA as well as other aspects of the body that can be left at a crime scene, in order to connect a case, and catch a suspect. That way you can solve anything from violent cases, to simple theft, all utilizing the fundamental principles of science. You could even be called upon to sit in a courtroom to provide expert testimony about the procedure.

4) Teaching careers.

And of course, there are plenty of great career opportunities that involve teaching biology to interested students looking to get involved within the field. That means teaching any level of students, whether it’s from the very young ages of grade school, to high schoolers, and even college students. Plus this is great if you more just have an interest in biology in general, but you don’t want to commit to a discipline. This way, you’re able to look at things like medicine, nature, and even forensics, and then relate them to your students, or just have fun keeping up on the latest findings within the science. Either way, they are great, and some of the most rewarding biology jobs to pursue.


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