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Career Overview of Medical Technologist Jobs

Medical technologist jobs have a great future outlook, offering lots of appeal as a career choice. Here's a deeper look into this line of work.

The world of medicine is always growing and changing, as it’s an integral part of our society because it’s all about saving lives and keeping men and women healthy.  That’s why you’ll find that these types of jobs are fantastic career moves, because you’re going to be able to avoid recessions and other worries, because hospitals and important staff will always be needed.  That’s why medical technologist jobs can be a great choice for you, as they enable you to find really meaningful work, without everything that comes with being a standard doctor.

Basically this is all about lab work, so you’ll find there are some distinct advantages to working this type of a job. On the one hand there’s isn’t as stringent of educational requirements, so you’ll find that you’re going to be able to land the job a lot easier than you would be able to do otherwise. But what you’re also going to find is that with most medical technologist jobs you don’t have to meet with patients, or anything of the like, and you can just stick to your lab work.  Here are the major points of concern, so that you can understand literally everything that clinical laboratory scientists do, and what’s required and expected of you:

1) What exactly do medical technologist jobs entail?

Basically this is all about the lab work, and you’ll find that they play an integral role within the process.  What you’re going to find with medical technologist jobs, is that they actually are all about testing blood work and other types of samples.  If you went to the doctor for a checkup recently, chances are that you had your blood tested.  When this happens, the sample goes right down to the lab, and they are able to test your blood for irregularities, and everything else of the sort, so that you can receive a better and more accurate diagnosis.

2) Educational requirements for medical technologist careers.

You’re going to find that the most basic types of jobs, at the lower end of the spectrum, actually require nothing more than a basic associate’s degree. Usually they feature a ton of on the job training, and this is where you’re able to learn the vast majority of information regarding your trade.  But what you’re also going to find, is that several medical technologist jobs require bachelor’s degrees at the very least, while some can require you to go for your master’s as well.

3) Who’s hiring clinical laboratory scientists?

Just about every single type of hospital is going to need to fill medical technologist careers in some way shape or form.  They are an integral part of the process, because they have to be able to do all the testing that doctors just don’t have time to do.  That’s also why you’ll find that they are needed in small clinics, but are extremely in demand at larger hospitals. You can even get into forensic work so that you can test blood work to help solve crimes.

4) What should your medical technologist salary expectations be?

This is something that will fluctuate with the position, so you first want to understand the two multipliers that can affect what you will get paid.  On the first hand, the higher your education, the more you’ll earn because of the expertise that you bring to the table as a company asset.  But on the other hand, you will also find that through medical technologist jobs the more busy the hospital that you work at, the more that you’ll get paid as well.  At smaller clinics you will not be called upon as often, and that reduces your chances for making a living wage.

However, no matter the position you can typically expect to make certain figures.  The most average type of medical technologist salary will almost always fall between $40,000 and $50,000 a year, with plenty of opportunity for advancement.

5) Job future outlook.

But of course the big question is how viable is this type of job, in terms of your competition.  The one thing that you’re going to find regarding medical laboratory technologist jobs is that you can always find positions somewhere, as most hospitals are understaffed.  The vast majority of medical facilities need a certain amount of workers, and there are only so many to go around, giving you a ton of opportunity to find jobs in almost any major city, and at any major hospital, when you’re really in need.


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