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Choosing Your Dream Job: 7 Types Of Video Game Careers

What's better than working in a field that you love? If you're into gaming, here are 7 video game careers that may just press your buttons.

Video games are a hobby that many people enjoy, and it’s something that can actually prove to be a fantastic career choice as well.  Not everyone realizes, but videogames are hotter than ever.  You’ll find that the industry is selling better than ever, and videogames have gained a more mainstream presence in daily society.  That’s why video game careers are taking off like never before, and you’re going to find that there are actually a lot of opportunities out there for you, no matter what type of career you’re looking for.

Here are 7 great jobs that you can choose and apply for, throughout the field.  While you will find some to pay a better video game careers salary, you will find that they can all produce a livable wage, and provide you with the opportunity to do something you love:

1) Video game tester

If you don’t have much technical knowledge, but you want to get paid to play games, this is the path for you.  However, it’s not so easy as it seems.  It requires long hours playing games in the beta stages, which means they’re nowhere near being done.  Your job is to find out all the errors, and play the same parts of stages over and over and over again, so that you can find all the hiccups for developers to change and polish before the game releases.  A video game test career isn’t easy, but is a great way to break into the biz.

2) Graphic designer for games

This is where you literally design textures and even characters and environments to be used in a game.  Your job is to take the idea for which the game is being started, and then actually flesh out a world which will be used for the structure of the game itself.  These are great video game design careers that enable you to really use your artistic side, but that usually require a pretty accomplished art degree.

3) Game programmers

These are the guys that actually write the code for games, and code is everything when you’re talking about anything to do with computers.  That means you’re literally responsible with encoding every aspect of the game, and turning computer language into beautiful graphics that take players to other worlds.  Requires a strong degree in programming, as well as computer science however, making them hard to break into.

4) Videogame writer

If you’re not so much a visual artist, or if you don’t have the mathematical chops to program, this is a  great job where you can still be creative and work on games.  Of course, writing a game is not like writing a standard story or anything of the sort.  Usually you have pretty rigid starting material that you cannot deviate from, in addition to penning multiple versions of events for a game to play out several different ways.

5) Game journalist

If you’re after video game jobs but you can’t tackle creative writing, consider being a journalist.  This way, you don’t become disillusioned playing the same ten minutes of a game for the 8th hour like a beta tester.  But you still get to be involved in everything games, including major events, talking to developers, and talking about the latest releases throughout the year.  Plus you can even get jobs reviewing games, so you can play them the way that you like the most, and write about your experience.

6) Marketing careers

Everything needs marketing when it’s something planned to be sold to the public.  Games are no different, and you will find that how they are marketed is extremely important, as it can make or break someone’s interpretation of the product that you’re offering.  These require pretty involved degrees for marketing and sales, so they are harder jobs to get, but still enable you to be creative and involved with the industry.

7) Game producers

This is usually a job for the most vastly experienced as well as most well endowed financially, so they are the rarest opportunities.  But these are the people that actually fund and control the production of games, and pull all the strings relating to how a project gets done.  That means actually choosing your staff and putting products together, making it one of the most fun video game careers because you’re actually in control of everything that happens.


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