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Comparing Salaries on 3 Types of Field Service Engineer Jobs

If you're looking into field service engineer jobs, you'll have several options as far as paths go. Here are three of them with information on salaries.

Choosing a career path is always difficult, because there are so many questions as to what that career is going to have to offer you.  Salary is always going to be a big one, as you want to be sure that you’re going to be able to make enough money when it comes to living a comfortable as well as rewarding life.  That’s where it’s really vital that you can be sure that you have the career potential to really grow those options, and ensure that your path makes sense.  When considering field service engineer jobs, this is one of the most important aspects, so that you can be sure you know the exact field you want to enter.

What you’re going to find is that many types of jobs within field service engineering actually fall into one of three standard categories.  Within these, you’re going to find plenty of potential opportunities, but it is where they fall that dictates the type of money outlook that you can expect.  That is both in a growth opportunity sense, as well as an entry level career role sense.   Here are those three branches, and the types of salary expectations that you can expect when choosing any type of field service engineer jobs and careers:

1) Customer Service and Support Engineers.

These are typically field service careers that actually entail you visiting customer locations for a corporation, and providing them with support or understanding in the service that you provide.  This way, you’ll literally be doing things like repairing equipment that no longer works, or that’s just not operating in the way that it should be doing. What’s more, this does not require that much of an education, and just an associates degree, as well as on the job product training familiarity is needed.

However, this is also one of the lowest salary outlooks, with the median expectation being somewhere in the area of $30,000.  While there is growth and even management opportunity, it’s still just not one of those jobs that you can expect to pay you into the area of six figures like some engineering careers.

2) Field Engineering Technicians.

These encompass the actual high ranking engineers themselves, as well as assistants working their way up throughout the ranks.  That means actually manufacturing the products as well as items that a company will sell, so this is engineering production and product management.  What’s more, you can expect plenty of growth opportunities, as there are multiple tiers of engineering on this scale, to the point that you can get the upper echelon product design jobs.

However, it does require more education, and you have to actually complete at least a four year engineering program, and if you want to take your career further you have to go for a masters as well.  But that does mean a better salary outlook, with the average field engineering salary here being somewhere in the area of $50,000, with the potential to rise heavily.

3) Sales Engineer

This is another vital and pivotal part of any company that sells retail field service engineering products.  This is just like any other type of sales job, and entails both selling the product as well as managing your customers down the line to guarantee their satisfaction as well as repeat business.  What’s more that you will find, is that you also only need a bachelor’s degree in an engineering course, so that you can understand the technical aspect of the field.

But this is also one of the jobs with a much higher potential of success, because the median field service engineer salary you can earn here falls way up around $80,000.  That’s because of the commission that you can earn on sales, leaving your destiny solely in your hands, and on the skills of your sales ability.  That means the sky is the limit, and so long as you have a penchant for selling, you can enjoy a long and rewarding career.

Just remember that this also means there’s a lot of chance regarding your career.  Your actual salary is more likely to be in the $40,000 range for a good salesperson, so the only way to really go far is to develop your people, management and sales skills.  What’s more, you have to stay current on both what the field service engineer jobs world is doing and producing, as well as your products and common practices regarding them, to really motivate buyers to purchase from you.

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