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Computer Technician Jobs: The Good and Bad of a Career in Computers

Are you interested in pursuing computer technician jobs? If you, you should first carefully consider both the pros and cons of a career in this field.

Getting a job as a computer tech can be a great way to facilitate your interest in the technology all the way into a career.  They are fun jobs to have for the most part, as they typically deal with debunking computers, and finding new and effective ways that companies can make use of their systems.  What’s more, that can turn into a lucrative career that’s really going to pay the bills, with all sorts of fantastic opportunities for advancement as well as job security.

However, as with every type of career you’re going to find that computer technician jobs offer both great aspects, as well as the not so great.  In order to determine if this is the sort of course that you want to pursue, you need to know both sides of the coin beforehand.  The biggest mistake that most new college students make, is just not learning enough about a subject before choosing whether or not that’s the type of career for them.  So first up, the pros of what you will find in working with computers for a living.

-Great job prospects for the future.

If you’re looking for something that can provide you with work, and a lot of it down the line, this is the type of career for you. Everything dealing with computers as well as information technology is really hot, and they are the types of careers that can allow you to take off, no matter what aspect of computers you actually study.  That’s because almost all companies are in a rapid constant transition to the latest technology, and that requires computer experts that are skilled enough to take them there.

-Plenty of career options at the outset.

You’re going to find that computer tech jobs are something that afford you plenty of opportunity to choose different paths and how you would like to work with computer systems.  Whether you’re a fan of programming software, repairing physical components of computers, providing computer support, working on network security, etc.  There are a million opportunities within the computer technician job description that can cover you perfectly.

But with just about anything in life, you always learn more about a potential career decision by the bad that comes alongside those positive points, than you do from the positive aspects. Here are some of the most common negatives that you will encounter:

-Low starting salary offerings

You’re going to find that whether you’re a computer hardware technician job seeker, or any other aspect, you can only expect to earn between $20,000 to $30,000 in an entry level position.  While that can go up, most often you need a lot of experience to drive that dollar amount through the roof.

-Sometimes long hours are required.

This is especially true of different positions like computer repair technician jobs.  That’s because you’re only needed when there is a major problem, and typically you’re required to bust your butt until that network is back up and running.  That’s especially true of things that can go wrong that could leave a company’s system just totally offline, in which you end up with more overtime than you could want to work.

-Jobs can be scarce outside major cities.

While living in New York or Chicago, or Los Angeles when seeking for computer technician jobs is going to produce plenty of opportunities, the same is not true in smaller communities.  That’s why sometimes you have to be prepared to go where the jobs are, and that means picking up and traveling to the largest market near you where you’re going to be able to find some great job opportunities.

-Any IT computer expert needs some serious certification.

Finally, just to be considered for most jobs, you’re going to find that you need some serious certification in order to even be considered for some positions.  That’s a huge hassle, because these tests can take a really long time to go through.  But you’ll need both hardware as well as software and even programming certifications in order to be able to land any major computer technician jobs.  What’s more, you have to keep up on these as new upgrades come out, which means constantly learning and adjusting to changing technology, which is a lot harder than it sounds.  Things are always changing in the IT world, and it can be a constant struggle to stay on the top.


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