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Countries That Pay The Highest For Overseas Construction Jobs

If you'll be partaking in overseas construction jobs, why not work inside the countries that offer the highest level of pay? Here are the five to target in that regard.

The market of overseas construction jobs is a massively untapped resource in most cases, and it’s something that you may want to look into, because it can pay dividends in terms of how it can really change your career.  What you’re going to find with positions overseas is that they typically pay better, and there can be more opportunities than you would find over in America.  Moreover, there’s more potential in work as you’re looking at countries that are doing a ton of construction, and so have a ton of job opportunities at the ready.

Of course, narrowing down where you want to go is really more than just figuring out who’s going to pay you the best.  You still have to think about things like which overseas construction jobs are the best based upon the location, the safety of the location as well as the languages spoken there.  Remember if you’re coming and you don’t speak the local language, you’re going to need to learn, so that you can keep up on what’s being spoken around you, and by your workers.

You’re also going to find that some countries are much better to look at than others, because of their reputation for paying extremely well.  Here are a few of the best providers, and where you can go to look for top overseas construction opportunities:

1) United Arab Emirates.

Right now this is the hottest place to look for a career opportunity, because they are in a state of constant building.  Because of all the oil money that has come into the economy, they are at a massive surplus which ensures there is always construction going on throughout the surrounding area.  This way, you’re able to apply for more opportunities, but also get more work while you’re out there.  These types of overseas employment opportunities usually pay much better as well, and you can turn a job that wasn’t quite getting you six figures a year into one that’s well over in a flash.

2) United Kingdom

While it may not seem as such, the UK always has construction going on, and now that they are hosting some major sporting events, namely the next Olympics, you’re going to find that it’s a huge hub for paid work at the moment.  Although they do have some requirements and standards for applying for work.  Most typically applicants for overseas construction jobs here have to be working in the field for a term of five years or more.  Plus the system for getting a work permit in England is notoriously difficult, which can mean that it takes a while for your permit to come through.

3) Turkey

Though it may not seem like the type of country to offer as such, this is a nation where overseas construction jobs can pay upwards of $150,000 in many cases.  You’ll also find it to be a practical hub of commercial, industrial as well as residential building, so that you can choose your area of expertise and ensure that you’re able to find some type of work more easily.

4) Oman

While there’s not a ton of construction going on in the country of Oman necessarily, they are a common contractor to all sorts of Asian nations, including South Korea.  That means you can find a ton of work in the area for Oman as well as the Asian continent.  Plus most jobs pay between $150,000 and $170,000 if you’re talking about overseas construction management.  All they ask is that you have the work history and education to back up your ability to boss the job.

5) Saudi Arabia

Right now the entire country of Saudi Arabia is in a rapid construction period to try and build up their tourism industry.  That means you can find all sorts of job opportunities here related to that end. That means plenty of jobs that involve building, as well as major construction, so that you can count on total job security.  Because of the scope of most projects, they are also willing to pay a fortune, which virtually guarantees a great career employment opportunity that’s going to pay dividends down the line.  While it can be difficult learning the language, it’s well worth it when you’re putting how over six figures.

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