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Deciding Which Nursing Home Jobs Are For You

Nursing home jobs can take the form of many possible roles. This article will offer guidance in choosing the best position given your skill set.

Getting a job in a nursing home can actually be a pretty rewarding career experience, and they are jobs that pay well and always have opportunities nationwide.  However, deciding which part of the home you would like to work in can be a different matter, as there are quite a few different jobs available in any type of assisted living environment.  For that reason, you’re going to want to narrow down the types of nursing home jobs that seem the most like a career path you would like to follow.  There are a lot of different types of opportunities out there, so you’re assured of finding a career that’s going to suite you nicely.

Basically, you’re going to find first off that the career paths for any assisted living jobs branch off into two different sections.  Those that are considered clinical, and those that are considered non-clinical.  The type you choose will depend upon the educational requirements and types of experience that you would need to meet, in order to be able to get a position.

For clinical nursing home jobs, you’re going to find plenty of opportunities, and they can include:

1) Certified Nurses and Assistants

This is an assisted living employment opportunity in which you take care of a lot of the day to day medical needs of your patients. That means regular things like medication, as well as aiding with activities and normal everyday tasks that require assistance.  But it can also mean more involved care like actual bedridden patient services and the like, for those that just cannot care for themselves.

2) Physical Therapists and Assistants

These are people responsible for keeping everyone active and physically fit around the facility.  Typically these types of assisted living jobs require that you regularly hold exercise classes, as well as help with any types of specialized care in the area, such as tasks to work around injuries, disabilities, and just about anything else of the like that you’re going to run into.  It’s important to have someone on staff that can keep those you’re caring for in good health, and a physical therapist is a big part of that.

However, both of these types of nursing home jobs require quite a bit of medical schooling, as well as actual interning and other types of diligent work on your part to fully understand and acquire the necessary skill sets.  But there are plenty of non-clinical positions as well that enable you to find assisted living jobs, but that don’t have such stringent educational requirements.  These include:

1) Administrative and Secretarial positions.

These are just like any other type of administrative job, in which you’ll be required to keep track of all the companies financial expenditures, as well as everything in relation to scheduling and the running of the office.  You can aspire to landing nursing home jobs like actual administrator in which you’re responsible for everything to do with the running of the facility.  But then there are also lower jobs down the ladder, like secretarial work, so that you don’t have to take on all the responsibility of actually running an entire assisted living home.

2) Food service and housekeeping work.

Otherwise, you can also aspire to assisted living jobs like making food for those that live at the facility, as well as performing standard housekeeping and janitorial duties to keep the place clean and nice to live.  Both jobs require little actual formal training, and just a basic knowledge in the handling or management of the products for which you’ll be dealing with or cooking at any given time.

Deciding on the type of assisted living jobs that are right for you is really a matter of how much effort you’re looking to put into your career, as well as what you want to get out of it long term. While administrative or food service work can get you a job just about anywhere at any time, it also doesn’t pay as well most of the time in the long term.  But with nursing home jobs that require extensive education as well as certification, you can ensure that you have a career that’s truly worthwhile and that is always going to pay the bills.

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