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Different Types of Motorcycle Industry Jobs

If you're a bike lover, motorcycle industry jobs could be a dream come true. Here are several types of positions that one can find themselves in.

Sometimes finding the right type of job means just knowing what you actually want to apply for or go to school for, and that’s usually true of something like motorcycle industry jobs.  You’re going to find that with this type of career path you have a wide open area that you can explore that features all sorts of different types of careers that you’ll have to choose from.  That means there are tons of motorcycle industry jobs that you’ll be able to work, so that your love for bikes can be the perfect way to fuel your finances.

But of course, narrowing down the right types of motorbike jobs is not always easy, and it can take a bit of thought on your part.  You’re going to have to consider a few different things, including where you want to work, what you actually want to be doing in relation to bikes, and just how far you want to be able to take your job.  There are more than a few opportunities, and that means you can find the right type of motorcycle industry jobs for you no matter what type of job you may be seeking.  Here are a few different types of jobs in the industry and what you can choose from:

Motorcycle sales

Like the idea of being able to work with motorcycles all the time, but you want a job that pays pretty well too?  Then sales is really where you want to be, as it’s a great opportunity to make about as much a possible because your finances are really based upon how much effort you put in.  On most dealerships you’ll find that you can actually make commission on your sales, so that you earn a chunk of the bikes that you’re trying to sell.  Plus it’s a fun opportunity to stay informed on everything that’s happening in the motorcycle industry, as these jobs involve knowing your stuff so that you can sell to buyers that are practical experts themselves.

Motorcycle mechanic jobs

Of course, if you’re the type of person that really likes the idea of buying an older more beat up type of bike, because of the character and amount of work that goes into getting them fit for the road, maybe you want to work on bikes for a living.  Then the most ideal types of motorcycle industry jobs are those in which you’re going to be working on bikes.  You’ll find that motorcycle mechanic jobs can pay fantastically as well the further that you can go into the industry.  So long as you have the expertise, you’ll find that you’re going to be able to succeed, and there are tons of college programs dedicated to motorcycle mechanic work.

Motorcycle driver

Another great career opportunity is of course going to be actually riding the bikes as well.  Usually what you’re talking about here is racing, and some of the best action sports jobs are those that involve motocross.  You’ll find that if you have the ability this is actually a pretty great career choice as well, as there are all sorts of circuits going across the US and in fact the world, where you can make quite a bit of money off the races even if you’re not the best biker on the tour.

Bike porter

Another great job that’s in the industry is porting bikes from place to place throughout the US, so that you can deliver motorcycles to different dealerships or collectors.  This is a specialty type of motorcycle industry job because you’re going to find that you have to take such special care with the bikes when shipping them across the country.  It’s not an easy job, but one that can provide some interesting challenges as you strive to store and maintain the bikes to keep them in like new condition as long as possible.

Dealership owner

Then of course, if you want top tier motorcycle careers, owning your own bike shop is one way you can do just that.  However, this takes a lot of money and investment cash for you to be able to start up the business in the first place.  That means these are motorcycle industry jobs that not everybody is going to be able to attempt, as they also have a really high amount of risk.  But they do ensure you’re able to try out and keep up on all sorts of different great bikes.


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