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Everything You Wanted To Know About Visual Merchandising Jobs

Curious about visual merchandising jobs and what they involve? Look no further for an easy to follow explanation.

While it may sound like a bit of an unorthodox career choice, it’s definitely one that’s going to provide you with plenty of challenges as well as interesting job opportunities.  What visual merchandising jobs provide for you, is the unique challenge of selling a product or a concept to customers, just because of what they see.  Nothing to do with the product itself necessarily, but rather what is going to draw them to that store and product just because of the visual layout.

This is actually a job that’s quite a bit harder than you might think, because a lot goes into visual merchandise and the concepts therein.  You’re going to find that it takes quite a bit of training as well as preparedness to understand the concepts and what’s involved.  Without the right foundation you’re not going to be able to succeed and excel throughout the career, and frankly you’re going to be lost as to the concepts that are introduced.  Here’s exactly what you need to get started, as well as to understand what visual merchandising jobs entail:

1) What exactly does this type of job entail?

The main thing that people really don’t tend to understand about visual merchandising careers, is just what they require you to do.  But basically it’s as simple as designing store layouts, as well as displays to cater to the customer.  That means deciding what is most going to draw attention, and keep customer interested, so that you can literally draw them into the store.  You’ll be amazed at the effect this can have, and you’re going to find that it’s a fine science getting customers interested in what you have to offer.

2) What are the educational requirements?

While you may not expect it, this type of a career actually requires quite a bit of schooling for you to get all of the concepts down.  Whether it’s understanding how a visual display can affect people’s emotions and motivations, or if it’s just gaining an understanding of the core mechanics that have been in use for generations, there’s a lot to learn here.  That means you need at least a bachelor’s degree in visual or fashion merchandising if you hope to succeed.  Without one, you can’t ever hope to manufacture the displays that are really going to get people interested, and landing the right job is going to be hard as well.

3) How much do these careers pay?

But of course, getting to the meat of the issue really depends upon what you can expect visual merchandising jobs to pay. If you’re talking careers that don’t pay well, you’re probably not going to be all that interested, so you want to be sure your future potential career options are really viable from a financial standpoint.  Most typically these jobs are going to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 a year when you’re just starting out.  You’ll find that the potential for an experienced window display job is going to be much better however, and usually has returns of $60,000 or more in the end.

4) Is there a lot of travel involved in visual merchandising careers?

If you like to travel, this can be a fantastic career choice for you, if you’re not a big fan of travel, you may want to go look elsewhere for a career.  In most cases, a visual merchandiser doesn’t spend all their time in just the one store, as they demand a pretty high salary to justify working in one place.  But rather, you’re tasked with helping several stores manage their displays, so that you can ensure stores that may be underperforming are doing everything in their power to draw in customers. In fact, some of the senior types of visual merchandising jobs can have you traveling the entire nation, or across the world.

5) What is the career growth potential?

Of course you also want to know what the potential growth of a career is before you go into college and decide this is the path that you want to take.  In all honesty, they are pretty secure jobs, as there are always going to be storefront retail centers, and that dictates there will need to be people to design displays and coordinate other aspects.  However, competition at the top and the best paying opportunities is pretty fierce, which means it can be really difficult to find the right position.


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