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Exploring the Upside of Entry Level Accounting Jobs

Entry level accounting jobs offer a ton of long term career upside if approached properly. Let's take a deeper look into such positions.

While many people may not consider accounting to be the most exciting of career opportunities, this is not actually the case and for those that gain the requisite skills to enter the field of accounting, there are many benefits on offer. Students that graduate with a degree in accounting will need to consider their options for getting a foothold on the career ladder, and this typically means looking for entry level accountancy jobs. There are a number of advantages to this type of job, with the following being some of them.

Job Prospects

A major upside to entry level accounting jobs is the options that are typically available. As well as accounting firms themselves, many companies, government agencies and other organizations have accountants on the payroll. With so many public and private organizations hiring accountants, those that graduate with a degree in accounting usually have a wide range of options open to them to get their career off the ground. This should mean that they do not experience a great deal of difficulty in finding suitable work after they have graduated.


Another benefit of choosing accountancy as a career is that even entry level jobs in accounting pay well. The actual salary for entry level accountants can vary depending on the location of the job, the type of work and the organization worked for. However the Bureau of Labor Statistics, citing a salary study that was carried out by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, indicated that a salary averaging just under $49,000 is possible for new graduates in accountancy. Other sources typically show entry level pay of around $40,000, such that there is a range of salaries that can be expected. However, the attractive salaries on offer can help graduates more quickly get out of the debt they likely find themselves in on the completion of a degree course. Salaries also tend to quickly advance, with the top 10% in the industry expected to advance their earnings to around the $100,000 bracket with the requisite experience. The excellent salaries can be a major advantage of choosing a career in accountancy from entry level to more senior jobs.

Valuable Experience

While most entry level accountancy jobs are the bottom of the ladder in the career, it is important to remember that one of the main purposes for them is to gain the practical experience required to advance in a career. Some of the options that are typically open to graduate accountants include book keeper, accounting clerk and bank teller. These typically offer the opportunity to work in a few different positions or departments, which can enable an individual to gain experience in many of the facets of accountancy. The experience gained will enhance a resume, which can lead to promotion or provide an advantage when looking for new jobs. When considering entry level jobs it is important to apply to positions that will provide the experience for the particular field of accountancy in which you are interested.

Chance to Study

An important positive aspect of entry level accountant jobs is that they let accountants study towards professional exams. To qualify for more senior jobs in accountancy, it is important to become certified and while there are a few paths open for this, the most well known tends to be Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Entry level jobs should provide the experience for a trainee accountant to get themselves ready to sit the Uniform CPA Exam, which is organized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Most entry level jobs in accountancy will provide the work experience for a candidate in getting ready to take the exam and for those that want to advance in accounting this is an important step.

Accountancy is a job that will always be in demand to assist private companies and public organizations keep accurate control of their finances. Becoming an experienced accountant can take some time, but the benefits of doing so can be worth the effort. For those looking to kick-start a career after graduation entry level accountant jobs are the best option. There are a variety of options open for this and they provide a number of advantages to get your foot in the door of the accountancy field and look to advance to more senior positions.

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