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FAQ: Common Questions About Life Coaching Jobs

Looking to learn more about life coaching jobs? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about these careers.

There are times in our lives where we could all use some help.  Whether it’s guidance finding out which path you want to choose or follow throughout life, or really anything else.  That’s typically the service that life coaching jobs provide for communities.  This is a career path that’s all about helping people take control of their lives and really learn what they want out of life.  Sometimes that’s the hardest thing to determine, but you’ll find it can be an extremely rewarding career path that provides you with the opportunity to help others, which can be extremely rewarding.

However, not everybody really has a proper grasp on what it is that life coaching jobs exactly entail.  In fact, a lot of people are confused as to what purpose the job services, or even how necessary it may be. But you’re going to find that the practical application of life coaches can be invaluable to the community, and you can be one of those people that is providing a great service to those around you.  Of course, you’re going to have some questions, and here are some of the most common that come up:

1) What is a life coach?

That’s a hard question as they can be different things to different people, but basically this is a person that provides guidance to someone that is seeking direction.   Through a series of questions and the answers that you give, life coaching jobs are all about providing a person that wants help with direction and what they really want out of life.  It’s not about directing them with what you think is best, but rather helping them discern the right path to follow based upon how they actually feel.

2) Are there different types of life coaches?

Throughout the field of life coaching careers, you’re going to find that there are a ton of opportunities that are specific to certain things.  Whether it’s helping out people in certain scenarios, like soldiers when they come home for the first time after service, or even religious coaches that are specific to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or even Buddhism and beyond.  This way you can choose to provide specifically tailored advice to an audience that you would like to focus upon helping.

3) What type of education is required?

You can’t just go out and expect to be a good life coach, and rather, you have to prepare for the career with the  right type of education.  That means you’re going to be looking into an education in counseling.  With just about any type of life coaching jobs, you’re going to need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree specifically in counseling if you’re going to succeed, or even be trusted as a coach.

4) Do you also need certification to practice?

The answer here is yes, as people are going to be putting their faith and trust in you, when it comes to the things you talk about, as well as the decisions that you help them make.  Life coaching is a deeply personal experience, and people have to know that they can trust you.  That’s why you want to seek certification from ICF or International Coaching Federation.  It does require a 125 hour course, which sounds a bit harsh on paper, but that’s so important so that you’re outfitted to provide people with the right type of help.

5) How do you find employment?

This is where life coaching jobs can be a bit trickier than something else that you could have taken on.  What you’re going to find with these types of jobs is that instead of providing you with an employer or network, most life coaches tend to work on their own as self employed helpers.  That means you control how much you work, how to find clients, as well as how much to charge.  That can be pretty intimidating, but remember that this is a great career path that’s going to provide you with plenty of opportunity to help.

6) How much do life coaching jobs pay?

On average they are actually pretty well paying jobs, and usually it’s related to what type of degree that you have.  The further that you can take your education, the more that you can expect to make, and that’s true of just about any type of job.  But the average salary you’ll encounter for any life coach is around $50,000 annually.

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