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FBI Jobs: What You Need to Know

FBI jobs are highly regarded and many dream of working for the Bureau. If you'd like to embark upon such a career, here are the things you'll need to know first.

For those looking to enter the job market there are plenty of opportunities and many large employers. The government is one of these and they typically have a range of employment opportunities available. For those interested in law enforcement, FBI jobs are an option to consider, with the FBI as an employer having a wide range of opportunities to offer.

Types of Jobs

While most people will automatically think of criminal investigators when considering FBI jobs, this is only a part of the opportunities available. There are two FBI career paths available and these comprise Special Agents and Professional Staff. Special Agents are typically responsible for carrying out national security investigations and enforcing federal statutes. Work can be related to counterintelligence, terrorism, drug trafficking, cyber crime and a host of other investigative work.

Professional Staff opportunities are available in a range of disciplines including Intelligence Analysis, Information Technology, Linguistics, FBI Police and Investigative Support & Surveillance. The FBI need a wide range of professionals to carry out their work effectively and this presents a range of opportunities for employment.


While the headquarters of the FBI are located in Washington D.C., they also operate from a range of other locations around the USA and the rest of the world. There are 56 field offices based in a number of major cities in America, as well as 400 resident agencies, which are smaller offices located in towns and cities throughout the USA. The FBI also has overseas offices, with more than 60 located in U.S. Embassies around the world. For those seeking FBI jobs, therefore, there are a variety of locations available and this provides the chance to work locally to your area or move further afield.


There are a range of qualifications required to become a Special Agent in the FBI. Applicants need to be U.S. Citizens between the ages of 23 and 37, although in certain circumstances candidates older than 37 may be accepted. Applicants must have completed a four year degree course with an accredited college or university and typically should have at least three years of professional work experience. There are five Special Agent Entry Programs and applicants must first qualify under one of these. Physical fitness is also critical to being accepted as a Special Agent and a required level must be achieved prior to being accepted. Qualifications for Professional Staff can be found on the FBI website and will be related to the particular career in question.


A common way into the FBI for college students is through an internship program. These offer the opportunity to get an understanding of what the job is about and what the career opportunities are for working with the FBI. Two types of internship are available. The Honors Internship Program is a paid spell of work with the FBI for outstanding college candidates, while the Volunteer Internship Program is an unpaid period of work with the FBI for undergraduate and graduate students.

FBI Job Listings

For those looking for FBI jobs, the USA jobs website is typically the best place to look. There is a list of current job postings on the website and this has details of the latest job openings with the agency. However, the FBI also holds recruiting events where potential candidates have the opportunity to meet FBI staff and discuss the career opportunities. These events can be worth visiting for those that are considering an FBI career.


Anyone wishing to work in the FBI must undergo an FBI background investigation before being accepted for a job. There are a number of disqualifiers which can rule a candidate out from being offered a job with the FBI and it is important to check these prior to seeking a job. If any these apply, you will automatically be disqualified from being employed by the FBI. The disqualifiers are extensively checked as part of the background investigation and therefore will be revealed if any of them apply to you.

A career in the FBI can be an excellent choice and for those considering it, there are a variety of FBI jobs available. Whether your preference is for a role as a Special Agent or one of the other Professional Staff opportunities, it can provide a rewarding and fulfilling career.


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