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Finding The Best Aerospace Jobs With The Right Education

Aerospace jobs can be exciting, challenging, and financially rewarding at once, but they'll require some in depth training before getting started.

Landing a complicated job like an aerospace engineering position is not going to be easy.  That’s because it requires a lot of specialized knowledge in order for you to really become a part of the field.  This is not a simple task, and not a simple area of science for you to enter into.  This is literally the study of doing the impossible, and allowing man to achieve flight safely, and more effectively.  That’s going to take a lot of preparedness and hard work on your part, so you have to be prepared for this sort of career path before ever looking for a job with the right type of background.

The number one thing that you’re going to find with aerospace and aviation jobs, is that you have to have the right background in order to even land a starting entry level position.  That’s because you have to know what you’re talking about to some degree, no matter what branch of the business you’re going to be working.  There are quite a few things that you’re going to have to do, and knowing the path is your first step to greatness.  Here are a few tips into finding the right type of education that’s going to land you the aerospace jobs that are going to make all the difference:

1) Start out right with the right type of college major.

This means you want to major in mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on aerospace and aviation.  But not every school offers these types of programs, so it’s important that you do your research. You have to find both a university, as well as an accredited one that you can study from, so that you can be sure you’re able to gain the skills necessary to succeed.  Some schools do offer actual aerospace degrees, so that you can study this form of engineering exclusively.  But others are a bit more broad with mechanical engineering, with aerospace electives at the upper levels of education.

Some of the top schools around the country that offer aeronautical engineering degrees and programs include: Utah State University, University of Arizona, Boston University, University of Michigan, and even the University of Minnesota.  In fact, you can find a full list on all the schools that offer degrees worldwide by visiting a site like

2) Network throughout your education.

Another part of finding aerospace jobs is also being sure that you’re able to find out when and where they become available.  The best way to do that is make friends with the people who matter, and that includes your classmates and professors.  By keeping up with them, and maintaining good professional relationships, you’ll be amazed how much that can help you down the line.  Just remember the old saying that applies to so many jobs, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

3) Find internships for aerospace engineering jobs as soon as possible.

Something else that can prove to be invaluable in your quest to get your career started, is finding an internship or some sort of volunteer program that you can work.  This will offer you two distinct opportunities:

                – An internship is the chance for you to learn invaluable skills that you can’t get in the classroom.  This is where you can apply your knowledge for aviation jobs in the field, and showcase that you have the skills that any company is going to want to employ you for.  In fact, many top tier jobs will not even consider you if you don’t have adequate internship time on your resume, to show that you really know the job in and out.

                – Every aerospace engineering jobs internship is a chance for you to make an impression on that company.  There are a ton of corporate success stories out there that start with an internship, and that end up as a chance to prove your value until you become a permanent part of the team. 

4) Continue your education as far as possible.

The only thing better than having a four year aeronautical engineering degree, is having a masters or a doctorate, so keep that education going even when you land a job, or when you’re performing an internship.  The more education you have before hunting down aerospace jobs, the better chance that you’re going to have at getting he very best ones.

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