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Five Careers with Plenty of Jobs in Seattle

If you're looking for jobs in Seattle, positioning yourself in one of the following five popular fields can be a great long term career move.

Seattle is located in the Pacific Northwest area of the USA, in the state of Washington. It ranks as one of the largest cities in America and has plenty to offer those that live there or visit. For those that choose to live and work in Seattle, there are plenty of opportunities, with businesses including older style industrial companies and more modern technology companies. There are a number of careers to choose from in Seattle which offer plenty of jobs, with the following being five of them.

Computer Science

With Microsoft based in the Seattle area, and one of the major employers, the technology industry has grown in the city during the digital age and offers good career options for those that have the requisite skills. Other technology companies based in the Seattle area include Cray Inc., F5 Networks, AttachmateWRQ, The Omni Group and Realnetworks. Seattle is also considered a top start-up location for technology companies, with many smaller tech businesses looking to open their doors in the city. The internet and technology industry in Seattle itself, and smaller locations in its immediate vicinity, has grown over recent year and become one of the top sectors for jobs in Seattle. This presents an excellent opportunity for a career for those that train in hardware and software engineering.

Industrial Engineer

There are a number of older style industrial style companies in Seattle offering the opportunity to forge a career in industrial engineering. One of the industries that Seattle grew up around in modern times was aerospace, with Boeing being one of the biggest employers in the area. Although Boeing moved their corporate headquarters to Chicago in recent times, the company still has a major presence in the Seattle area and they typically have opportunities for a wide range of industrial engineering positions from aerospace engineers to materials process and physics engineers. The Port of Seattle ranks as one of the biggest container cargo facilities in the US, and this also presents opportunities for those interested in an engineering career. One of the biggest companies to look to is Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation.


Biotechnology is a growing industry in Seattle, and there are now estimated to be in excess of 100 companies involved in this business sector based in and around the city. Some of these include Zymogenetics, Dendreon, Amgen, Cell Therapeutics and Trubion Pharmaceuticals. These are typically engaged in a range of biotech research and development programs, and the number of companies in the city presents good opportunities for jobs in Seattle as a biotechnology engineer or technician. In recent times Seattle has actively encouraged old and new biotech companies to relocate to, or set up their operations in the city, and the industry should therefore continue to grow in future years.

Environmental Technology

There are estimated to be more than 400 companies in the Seattle area environmental industry sector, with some of the larger of these including Wilder Engineering, CH2M Hill, Amec Earth & Environmental and URS Corporation. These types of environmental services companies are typically involved in work such as air, land and water environmental testing, waste management, pollution reduction and toxic waste cleanup. For those with an interest in pursuing a career in the environmental industry, Seattle can therefore be an excellent location to be based and presents a range of opportunities for environmental engineers and technicians. As the environment increasingly comes into focus, and the affect the human race has on this, jobs in the environmental industry sector will likely grow and it can therefore be a good career choice in Seattle.

Retail Management

Two of the biggest retailers in the country are headquartered in the Seattle area, with both Amazon and Nordstrom being Fortune 500 companies. Other major retailers in the area include Costco, Blue Nile Incorporated and Union Bay, and for those looking to pursue a career in retail management, Seattle can be an excellent location to learn the trade and find a suitable position. With so many large retailers and manufacturing companies in the area, a career in sales and marketing is also a top choice for those living in the area, with many opportunities available in this.

Seattle can be an excellent location to live and there are a variety of good career options for those that choose to do so. Some of the best jobs in Seattle to consider for a career are shown above, and these are occupations to consider for those living in or considering moving to the city.

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