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Five Tips to Assist You In Landing Help Desk Jobs Anywhere

Make sure you're offered the help desk jobs you're looking at by following these five tips.

While most commonly associated with the IT industry, help desk jobs can actually be found in a range of businesses and this presents good opportunities for those considering working in this field. The job typically entails providing the employees or customers of a company with technical support over the phone or electronically. This support is with regard to the company’s services or products and is designed to deal with queries which those getting in contact may have. The following tips provide some advice to assist those looking to secure a job in the help desk industry.

  • Work on Interpersonal Skills

Help desk jobs typically mean being a point of contact for customers or employees of a company to help them understand an aspect of a service or product, or to help them solve a problem. It is therefore important to have good communication and interpersonal skills such that you can deal with customers in a polite and helpful manner. Many companies that have help desks will send the staff working on these to training courses in communication skills, although it can also help to take the responsibility for this yourself. These types of courses can provide excellent training on how best to deal with those calling a help desk, and showing an employer that you have taken it upon yourself to improve your communication and interpersonal skills can be a good selling point in your favor.

  • Have a basic understanding of technology

Many help desk jobs are based around providing IT support for employees or customers. While it is obviously not practical to have an understanding of every piece of technology that a company uses, there are many common pieces of software and hardware that will be used. Gaining an understanding of these can obviously increase the chances of finding a job. Gaining certifications such as Network+ and Microsoft Certified Professional also shows that you are prepared to make the effort to train yourself and this can also stand you in good stead to gain a quicker understanding of other technology. Obtaining professional credentials and demonstrating that you have good technical skills can be a way to show an employer that you have the potential to do the job and can help when applying for suitable help desk posts.

  • Keep Up To Date with IT Advancements

Most companies that look to hire staff for IT help desks will want someone that keeps abreast of the latest technology, such that if they decide to implement this the help desk staff are quickly capable of getting up to speed and providing assistance. Keeping up to date with the latest technology can be as simple as reading tech magazines and websites that show the latest trends and the ways that technology is moving forward. At interviews for IT help desk jobs, candidates may likely be asked for their view of the ways technology is moving forward, and demonstrating you have a decent understanding of this can help your prospects of being selected for a job.

  • Ensure Your Resume Stands out

Your resume is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills to a prospective employer. It is therefore important to make sure this is well written and includes all information which shows what you can bring to a job. However, resumes should also be concise and not contain every last details of the previous jobs you have had. Keep the information relevant to the help desk industry and show, skills, technical certifications and abilities that you have that would serve an employer well. It is also important to keep the information in a resume honest. Most managers involved in the hiring process will question candidates on the information in their resume and it therefore pays to keep it honest and to the point.

  • Write a Professional Cover Letter

While your resume shows your key experience, the first thing a hiring manager will see when you apply for jobs is the covering letter. It is therefore important to make this is as professional as possible to grab the attention of a manager and ensure you stay in their mind as a potential candidate. Help desk jobs can be a competitive environment these days and a professional, clear and well set out covering letter is more likely to get you noticed and increase the chances of an interview for any job.

Many companies have help desk jobs available and, especially in the IT industry, this is a way of getting your foot in the door. The tips shown above are some of the ways to stand out when applying for this type of job. Taking note of these should ensure that you have a chance to be a successful help desk applicant no matter the company applied to or where the job is located.

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