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Five Top Sites to Check Local Job Listings On

When it comes to local job listings, websites offer the best selection of openings these days. Here are the five best sites to browse through, in our opinions.

Finding a job is not always the easiest of tasks, and those trying to do this should use every resource possible to maximize their chances of landing a suitable post. These days this includes the internet, with a variety of sites providing access to local job listings. For those looking to use the internet in their job search there are a number of excellent sites available.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a fairly basic looking site, although has one of the biggest databases of jobs around which can make it worth having a look at. The search engine is fairly easy to use and it is possible to search by keyword to find the type of profession you are interested in, as well as by city, state or zip code to find the jobs in a particular area of the country. It is therefore fairly straightforward to find local job listings for any job type. There is also an advanced search feature where it is possible to narrow down the search further by selecting factors such as company size, company revenue and the distance from your location that you want to search. If you simply want to browse the jobs available in a particular career, there is a list of categories on the home page to select from. The site is accessible and easy to use, and for anyone job hunting it can be a good resource to use.

Snag a Job

Snag a Job is another good website to use to find local jobs, with the site being fairly well laid out and easy to navigate your way around. The home page opens with a prominent search box in which you start the process of looking for a local job by entering a zip code. This takes you to a page listing the jobs in that area, and it is them possible to refine the search by choosing from a list of towns and cities in the zip code area, or by choosing a particular company name. It is also possible to sign up for email alerts, which will send the latest jobs for your area direct to your email inbox. This means you will find out about the latest options available on the site quickly, and this can make it a good site to use.


The search feature on the Monster website offers a few ways to find jobs, with it being possible to refine a search to find local job listings. A search can be conducted using a job title filter and a keyword filter. It is also possible to search by location using city, state or zip code and this enables jobs to be easily found in a particular location. Monster also has the advantage that the terms of a search can be saved so that the details do not have to be entered each time you use the site, and email alerts are also available, with it being possible to choose the frequency at which you receive these. These benefits make it a good choice of job search site to find local listings and it is one worth considering.

Career Builder

The Career Builder website bills itself as one of the largest online job sites and this means it has a good database of potential jobs available. It has a location filter in its search engine allowing searches to be localized to the area of your choice and there are some other good features available. It is possible to set up email job alerts, do industry searches and company searches, and the site can also provide job recommendations based on your search criteria. This means that the more you use the site the more accurately it should match you with jobs. It is therefore one of the job search sites to consider using for local job listings.

Job Listings Today

The Job Listings Today website is another simple looking site, which can be effectively used to conduct a job search to identify suitable posts in your area. There is both a quick search and advanced search option, with these containing a range of filters to help in narrowing down a search to jobs you are interested in. It is possible to save job searches to keep them available and job alerts are also available on the website. It is a neat looking site that has jobs available in a variety of industries and can be worth having a look at.

For those looking for local job listings there are a few resources available. Using the internet can be a useful way to find a job, and the sites shown above are some of the best when it comes to searching in your area. They typically have plenty of jobs available, are simple to access and use, and this can make them a good choice for anyone in the search for a new job or a change of career.

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