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Free Ways To Find Freelance Copywriting Jobs From Home

If you have a way with persuasive words, what could be better than earning some income at home via freelance copywriting jobs? Here's how you can get started.

Working from home is a dream that many people aspire to, and it’s really not an impossible goal.  Though so many people may make things more difficult for themselves than they need to be, you will find that there are a ton of great opportunities out there that don’t have to be that difficult to hunt down.  There are a wealth of freelance copywriting jobs out there for the taking so long as you know where to look.  You’re going to find that companies maintain massive online presences for this sort of thing, and there’s always forum where you can go to find the next great opportunity.

That means there are a few things you’re going to want to do, as well as keep in mind when you want to be a top candidate for freelance copywriting jobs.  The main thing here is just to realize that it takes a lot of hard work. More than anything else it’s just tedious so you have to be willing to keep on working towards your goals, and before you know it you’re going to be able to reach them. Here are some keys that can help you along the way, that don’t cost any money at all:

1) Follow and participate in freelance writing forums.

These are always everything to do with writing, copywriting, editing and everything of the sort, and you can get connected with others like you.  These are forums where you can ask for some advice, and get help on starting and maintaining your career as you go along.  Those that you can find at sites like are a fantastic place to start, and can be the ultimate resource for you to utilize.

2) Keep up on the most common jobs boards.

There are a ton of free job posting sites out there, and you have to keep on top of the most utilized ones.  While it may seem like there’s always a lot of competition on these sites, something that you’re going to find is that the more competition the better.  While it may make you feel nervous that there are those more qualified than you for actually applying to most jobs, the more hungry workers the more employers that are going to be prowling the area.  More employers equals more opportunity for you, so keep these sites on your radar:

3) Make sure that you have professional profiles where you can be found pretty easily.

That means if you don’t have a page where you identify yourself as a professional freelance copywriter, you’re behind the curve.  You have to create that type of a profile to ensure that you’re showing yourself to be a copywriter and that you maintain a constant interest in the field. Plus this makes it easier to find other freelance workers, and to interconnect with them, so that you can get into touch with other people in the field that can really help you get the inside track to great employment opportunities.  Never devalue the opportunity of having friends in high places.

4) Don’t forget to check out other sites that are not specifically job oriented.

There are plenty of sites out there where you can still look for freelance copy writer opportunities, and where you can find great job potential.  But you do have to be a bit more careful. Take a site like for example.  You can find a ton of opportunities on here, and it’s really the site for everything.  Whether you’re looking for new cars, apartments, or people to lift a fridge when you buy a new one, this is the place for you.

But you do have to exercise caution when seeking freelance copywriting jobs from a site like this.  That’s because not every offer is to be trusted.  First off, listen to the tone of the posting and make sure it sounds legitimate and well thought out, which are two things an authentic posting needs to comply with.  From there, you also want to avoid any warning signs.  Don’t give up much personal information, and also don’t pay them any money for any reason.  Both are flags that the job opportunity is not legitimate, and you should break contact immediately.


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